Timeline of 6th-century Muslim history

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This is a timeline of major events in the Muslim world from 500 AD to 600 AD (13 BH – 23 BH).

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Sixth century (500–600)[edit]

This century corresponds to approximately 126 - 23 BH.

  • 570: Birth of Muhammad
  • 570: Death of Abdullah, Muhammad's father
  • 573: Birth of Abu Bakr. The senior companion of Muhammad and his father-in-law.
  • 576: Death of Aminah bint Wahb, the mother of Muhammad (approximate date)
  • 576: Birth of Uthman. The second cousin and twice son-in-law of Muhammad.
  • 578: Death of Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of Muhammad (approximate date)
  • 582: Birth of Umar. The senior companion of Muhammad and his father-in-law.
  • 582: Muhammad's journey to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib. They meet with Bahira, a Christian monk. Bahira notes true characteristics about the Prophet, which forces him to ask more and have him discover the "mark of prophets," a mark believed to be carried by all of the prophets of the Abrahimic faiths.[1] (approximate date).
  • 594: Muhammad works for Khadija; leads her trade caravan to Syria and back (approximate date)
  • 595: Muhammad marries Khadija (approximate date).
  • 598: Birth of Muhammad and Khadija first child Qasim .
  • 599: Birth of Ali ibn Abi Talib in the city of Mecca. The cousin of Muhammad and his son in law.
  • 600: Birth of Muhammad and Khadija's eldest daughter and second child Zainab after Qasim
  • 600: Death of Muhammad's first child Qasim ibn Muhammad


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