Tinshill BT Tower

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Tinshill BT Tower viewed from southwest
Tinshill BT Tower is located in West Yorkshire
Tinshill BT Tower
Tinshill BT Tower (West Yorkshire)
Location Leeds, West Yorkshire
Coordinates 53°51′17″N 1°36′43″W / 53.854722°N 1.611944°W / 53.854722; -1.611944Coordinates: 53°51′17″N 1°36′43″W / 53.854722°N 1.611944°W / 53.854722; -1.611944
Grid reference SE2552239925
Large dishes on the ground
Tinshill BT Tower on 5 March 2016 with large dishes removed

The Tinshill BT Tower (also known locally as Cookridge Tower) is a 60.96 metres ( 200 ft) tall telecommunication tower located on the east side of Otley Old Road in the north of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is in an elevated part of Leeds, with its base 192 metres above sea level. It is one of twelve BT towers built of reinforced concrete.

In 2002, prompted by a request from the local MP, Harold Best, it was the subject of a study by the Health Protection Agency, who concluded that the radio emissions from its various transmitters, were well below levels which might cause a risk to health for people nearby.[1]

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