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Not to be confused with body kit.
A body hygiene kit

A body hygiene kit (bathroom kit, sponge bag, toilet bag, toilet kit, toiletry bag, toiletry kit, travel kit, wash bag, washbag, wet pack) is a small container (bag/case/kit) which holds body hygiene/toiletry products for a trip lasting one night or more. Body hygiene kits are used primarily by people travelling on foot and/or by public transport (e.g. backpackers, people carrying suitcases, etc.). People travelling with a personal vehicle (e.g. mobile home, houseboat, etc.) do not need to carry a container on their body and can simply use their regular mirror, sink, and sink closet. Overnight kits are similar to body hygiene kits, with the exception that clothing is included and the kits are usually only used for one night.[1] A body hygiene kit should not be confused with a cosmetic/makeup kit which is intended to restore or improve a person's appearance.[2]

A body hygiene kit specifically for men may be called by the Registered Trademark name Dopp Kit.


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