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Tony Zale
Tony Zale 1940.jpg
Tony Zale in 1940
Real nameAnthony Florian Zaleski
Nickname(s)Man of Steel[1]
Height5 ft 7 12 in (1.71 m)
Reach69 in (175 cm)
NationalityUnited States American
Born(1913-05-29)May 29, 1913
Gary, Indiana, U.S.
DiedMarch 20, 1997(1997-03-20) (aged 83)
Boxing record
Total fights87
Wins by KO45
No contests0

Anthony Florian Zaleski (May 29, 1913 – March 20, 1997), known professionally as Tony Zale, was an American boxer.[2] Zale was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, a steel town, which gave him his nickname, "Man of Steel".[3] In addition, he had the reputation of being able to take fearsome punishment and still rally to win, reinforcing that nickname. Zale, who held the World Middleweight title multiple times,[4] was known as a crafty boxer and strong body puncher who punished his opponents and steadily wore them down before knocking them out.[5]

World Middleweight Title match against Georgie Abrams, November 1941[edit]

Tony Zale in 1941
Tony Zale is getting married, March 1942

Zale met Georgie Abrams in Madison Square Garden in a World Middleweight Championship match on November 28, 1941 before a crowd of nearly 10,000. Despite knocking Zale down in the first round, a poke in the eye from Zale's glove left him with pain and blurred vision. From the fourth round on, Abrams fought with his left eye nearly closed. Blood from a cut opened above his right eye in the third from an accidental head butt from Zale caused additional vision problems from blood that dripped from the wound. Despite fighting half blind, Abrams fought courageously for fifteen rounds. The Associated Press actually placed Abrams with the win at eight rounds to Zale's seven. Abrams lost in a close match, due to the incessant body attacks of Zale in the late rounds, particularly the ninth where he received a severe two handed attack to the midsection.[6][7]

Bouts against Rocky Graziano, 1946–48[edit]

Zale was a 2-time world middleweight champion and made the Ring Magazine's list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. Zale is best remembered for his three bouts over a 21-month period with Rocky Graziano for the middleweight crown. These three bouts were among the most brutal and exciting middleweight championship matches of all time. The first match took place in Yankee Stadium, New York City. Zale had served in World War II, was thirty-three years old, and had been inactive for about four years. Graziano was on a winning knockout streak and seemed to be in his prime. In their first match (September 27, 1946), after flooring Graziano in the first round, Zale took a savage beating from Graziano, and was on the verge of losing the fight by TKO. However, he rallied and knocked out Graziano in the sixth round to retain his title. The rematch, a year later in Chicago (July 16, 1947), was a mirror image of their first fight. Graziano was battered around the ring, suffered a closed eye and appeared ready to lose by a knockout, then rallied and knocked Zale out in the sixth round, becoming middleweight champion of the world.

Their last fight was held in New Jersey the following year (June 10, 1948). Zale regained his crown, winning the match by a knockout in the third round. The knockout blows consisted of a perfect combination of a right to Graziano's body, then a left hook to Graziano's jaw. Graziano was knocked unconscious. This fight was Zale's last hurrah. His age and the many ring wars he fought seemed to catch up with him in his next fight against European Champion Marcel Cerdan later that year, who stopped him in the eleventh round to win the middleweight championship of the world (September 21, 1948). Graziano commented that years later he would wake up in a cold sweat having had the recurring nightmare of being back in the ring with Zale, who he said really was a man of steel.

Edith Piaf, who at the time was having an affair with Cerdan, was in the audience, praying to Saint Therese for his victory. Two of the three Graziano fights and the Cerdan fight were named Ring Magazine fights of the year.

Zale was a 1991 inductee to the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF). In November 2015, his championship belts were stolen[8] from the IBHOF. The belts were on loan from Zale's family, and have yet to be returned.

Zale was originally cast to play himself in the movie Somebody Up There Likes Me. According to director Robert Wise, Paul Newman (playing Graziano) was hesitant to fully engage Zale during rehearsal, fearing that Zale might reflexively knock him out if Newman inadvertently hit him too hard. As Newman had to appear aggressive against Zale in the film, Wise felt it was necessary to replace Zale with actor Courtland Shepard for the final fight scene.[9]

Professional boxing record (incomplete)[edit]

Professional record summary
87 fights 67 wins 18 losses
By knockout 45 5
By decision 22 13
Draws 2
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
23 Win 17–6 Max Elling PTS 8 Mar 11, 1935 Marigold Gardens, Chicago, United States
22 Win 16–6 Young Jack Blackburn PTS 6 Feb 25, 1935 Marigold Gardens, Chicago, United States
21 Loss 15–6 Joey Bazzone PTS 6 Dec 28, 1934 Chicago Stadium, Chicago, United States
20 Loss 15–5 Jack Gibbons PTS 10 Dec 17, 1934 Midway Gardens, Chicago, United States
19 Loss 15–4 Kid Leonard PTS 10 Nov 26, 1934 Peoria, United States
18 Win 15–3 Jack Charvez PTS 8 Nov 05, 1934 Midway Gardens, Chicago, United States
17 Win 14–3 Jack Schwartz TKO 4 (8) Oct 29, 1934 Auditorium, Milwaukee, United States
16 Win 13–3 Frankie Misko KO 6 (8) Oct 22, 1934 Midway Gardens, Chicago, United States
15 Win 12–3 Young Jack Blackburn PTS 8 Oct 08, 1934 Midway Gardens, Chicago, United States
14 Win 11–3 Mickey Misko KO 4 (8) Sep 17, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
13 Loss 10–3 Mickey Misko PTS 8 Sep 03, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
12 Win 10–2 Wilbur Stokes PTS 8 Aug 27, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
11 Loss 9–2 George Black PTS 6 Aug 15, 1934 Auditorium, Milwaukee, United States
10 Loss 9–1 Billy Hood PTS 6 Aug 13, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
9 Win 9–0 Bruce Wade KO 3 (4) Aug 07, 1934 Peoria, United States
8 Win 8–0 Bobby Millsap PTS 4 Jul 30, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
7 Win 7–0 Einar Hedquist TKO 4 (4) Jul 16, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
6 Win 6–0 Lou Bartell PTS 4 Jul 09, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
5 Win 5–0 Ossie Jefferson KO 3 (4) Jul 02, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
4 Win 4–0 Johnny Liston KO 3 (4) Jun 25, 1934 White City Arena, Chicago, United States
3 Win 3–0 Bobby Millsap KO 1 (4) Jun 21, 1934 Bacon's Arena, Chicago, United States
2 Win 2–0 Johnny Simpson PTS 4 Jun 15, 1934 Northwest Stadium, Chicago, United States
1 Win 1–0 Eddie Allen PTS 4 Jun 11, 1934 Marigold Gardens Outdoor Arena, Chicago, United States

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