Toowoomba South State School

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Toowoomba South State School
Toowoomba South State School.jpg
Building on the corner of Ruthven and James Street, 2014
South Toowoomba, Queensland
Established 22 January 1865 (1865-01-22)
Closed 2013

Toowoomba South State School was a primary school located in South Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia.

Toowoomaba South is one of the oldest primary schools in Queensland. It is the oldest State School in Toowoomba proper (Drayton State School is older). It was first opened in 1865, as school number 112. Initially the school was co-educational. It was closed in 2013.


Around 1860, a site was reserved for a National School in Toowoomba proper, on the site at the rear of the existing campus now occupied by the Toowoomba South State School Hall, and the basket ball and tennis courts (the corner of Lawrence and Ruthven Streets). The site of the current buildings was the hospital.

In 1869, the school was separated into the Toowoomba South Boys School (number 109) and the Toowoomba South Girls School (number 112). This led to there being two campuses the original on Ruthven Street being the Girls School, the other one block northeast on Neil Street the new Boys School campus (adjacent to the Market Reserve (now Groom Park)). The two schools were separated by Neil Street and St Patrick's Church (Catholic). In 1878, the girls school became known as the Toowoomba Middle Girls State School and the Infants School was opened as Toowoomba Middle Infants (number 399). These two schools were combined in March 1880 to become Toowoomba Middle Girls and Infants State School (number 112). In 1883, saw the Girls and Infants School divided again and open as Toowoomba South Girls State School and Toowoomba South Infants State School (number 399). On 1 October 1900, the Toowoomba South Girls' and Toowoomba South Infants' were reamalgamated to become Toowoomba South Girls and Infants State School (number 112).

In the mid-1970s, the Toowoomba Education Centre was housed in a building at the rear of Toowoomba South. In 1976 it moved to Baker Street adjacent to the University of Southern Queensland. At the end of the 1982 school year, the Boys campus was closed, and from the start of the 1983 school year the combined school was once again known simply as Toowoomba South State School.

Later the SEDUce (Special Education Development Unit) become part of Toowoomba South, giving the school 3 sections SEDU, Preschool and Primary School. The SEDU was relocated away from Toowoomba South in 2007 following the introduction of the Prep year. In 2006, a regional group of ESL (English as a Second Language) support teachers were added to the school. 2007 saw the preschool folded into the main school as part of the introduction of Prep Year in Queensland.

The school was closed by the Queensland Government on 17 September 2013. The building were listed on the Queensland Heritage Register in December 2013.[1]



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