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A torture murder is a murder where death has been preceded by the torture of the victim. In many legal jurisdictions a murder involving "exceptional brutality or cruelty" will attract harsher sentences.


Murder laws worldwide vary a great deal, but murder involving torture will generally attract a harsher penalty than a murder alone. Legal mechanisms of penalty enhancement vary between jurisdictions. In the laws of Italy, Germany and Norway and many parts of the United States there are two or more "degrees" of murder, with wording such as: "...inflicting torture upon the victim prior to the victim's death"[1] typically used to rule that the highest degree should apply. In other jurisdictions, there may just one crime of murder - but the sentencing practices and guidelines are such that the aggravating circumstance of the torture will allow for a harsher than normal penalty.[2][3]

List of torture murders[edit]

Some notable perpetrators and victims include the following. The dates indicate the time of the crime or crimes. This list includes those in positions of power.

Torture murderers[edit]

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