Touchwood Lake (Alberta)

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Touchwood Lake
Touchwood Lake is located in Alberta
Touchwood Lake
Touchwood Lake
LocationLac La Biche County, Alberta
Coordinates54°48′34″N 111°24′43″W / 54.80944°N 111.41194°W / 54.80944; -111.41194Coordinates: 54°48′34″N 111°24′43″W / 54.80944°N 111.41194°W / 54.80944; -111.41194
Basin countriesCanada
Max. length12 km (7.5 mi)
Max. width4.9 km (3.0 mi)
Surface area29.0 km2 (11.2 sq mi)
Average depth14.8 m (49 ft)
Max. depth40 m (130 ft)
Surface elevation631 m (2,070 ft)
ReferencesTouchwood Lake

Touchwood Lake is a lake in northeastern Alberta. It is located in Lakeland Provincial Park. A popular camping spot for people around the area and all over Alberta. Part of the Beaver River system, it is a fairly small lake with many creeks and other lakes attached to it.