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Tracy Ip
Chinese name 葉翠翠 (traditional)
Chinese name 叶翠翠 (simplified)
Pinyin Yè Cuìcuì (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jip6 Ceoi3 Ceoi3 (Cantonese)
Born (1981-09-10) 10 September 1981 (age 35)
Hong Kong
Ancestry Shanghai

Tracy Ip Chui Chui (simplified Chinese: 叶翠翠; traditional Chinese: 葉翠翠; pinyin: Yé Cuìcuì; Jyutping: Jip6 Ceoi3 Ceoi3; born 10 September 1981 in Hong Kong with family roots in Shanghai) was Miss Hong Kong 2005.


Coming from a family of 4, Ip lives with her parents. Her mother wanted to compete at Miss Hong Kong but due to her father's marriage, she gave up. Ip grew up in Hong Kong and studied at King Edward's School, Witley for a few years. In the early 2000s, she returned to Hong Kong and entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in fashion design. She was also a part-time model with the Elite Modeling Agency, modeling in some shows and commercials. She entered the Elite Look of the Year (HK) 2001 contest, making the top 24 but did not win anything in the end. In 2005 she competed in the 2005 Miss Hong Kong competition.

Miss Hong Kong 2005[edit]

Ip was trained with 19 other delegates for 3 months. She visited the Tsunami affected areas like Sri Lanka and Thailand during her training. After that, on 20 August 2005, she competed at the HK Colliseum for the Miss Hong Kong 2005 crown. Even though she had negative news regarding surgery on her nose, she had a flawless performance and took the crown. She also received the title of Miss Charity. After that, she hosted some shows and performed in lots of charity shows in Hong Kong.

Miss World 2005[edit]

Being considered a good representative for Hong Kong, Ip competed in Sanya, China for the Miss World 2005 title. She started out well for having some common "features" of former Miss World semifinalists from Hong Kong (like Maggie Cheung of 1983 and Pauline Yeung of 1987, all had lived/studied in England). She placed 7th in the Asia Pacific team and was close to winning the fast track event, Beauty With A Purpose. Ip also made the top 19 of the Beach Beauty Contest, which stunned many pageant fans. Ip also sold 35,000 RMB for her globe that was donated and auctioned at a charity dinner. It was the item that raised the most amount of money that night. She returned to Hong Kong on 10 December.

Miss Chinese International 2006[edit]

On 28 December 2005, Ip attended a press conference for the Miss Chinese International 2006 pageant. Being a favorite from the start, Ip was expected to place in the top 3, and might even bag the crown. Surprisingly, Ip was shut out of the top 5 of the pageant. She only received a side award as a consolation. She is only one a few Miss Hong Kong winners to not make the top 5 in the history of the pageant.


Tracy Ip is married to Raymond Chow. The couple delivered their first child, a baby boy on April 11, 2017.


Ip afterwards hosted TVB shows like EBuzz. She also signed a contract with TVB to start in some dramas. On 12 August 2006, she gave her crown and duties to Aimee Chan Yan Mei, Miss Hong Kong 2006. She also presented an award to Mr. Hong Kong 2006, Francois Huynh (Wong Cheung Fat) as he was the Handsome Group winner.



Year Title Role Notes
2007 Heart of Greed Cherry
Steps Anita
2008 Dressage to Win Mrs. Dai Ma
Love Exchange Tung Sze-ting (Sophie)
When a Dog Loves a Cat Cheung Ga-ga Guest star
Moonlight Resonance Fong Shu-ting
2009 Beyond the Realm of Conscience Wong Zi
2010 When Lanes Merge Daisy
Can't Buy Me Love Princess Ching Wan
2010-2011 Links to Temptation Alice Guest star (ep. 11, 19, 20)
2011-2012 Bottled Passion Fu Bak-wai
2012 Let It Be Love Chow Sze-ching
Daddy Good Deeds Miss Koo Guest star (ep. 1)
The Greatness of a Hero Consort Chun Guest star (ep. 1)
Previously warehoused; aired overseas February 2009
2013 The Day of Days Ng Mei-fung
Beauty at War Giarsin Su-lan
Bounty Lady Sing Fa-ngok
2014 Storm in a Cocoon Yeung Yin-to
2015 Every Step You Take Bianca
Lord of Shanghai Ching Siu-dip


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Turning Point

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