Travelling Man (album)

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Travelling Man
Caravan Travelling Man.jpg
Compilation album by Caravan
Released 4 March 1998
Genre Progressive rock
Length 60:33
Label Mooncrest
Caravan chronology
The Battle of Hastings
(1995)The Battle of Hastings1995
Travelling Man
Songs for Oblivion Fishermen
(1998)Songs for Oblivion Fishermen1998

Travelling Man is a compilation album by the progressive rock group Caravan made of following albums: Cool Water (1994), The Battle of Hastings (1995) and All Over You (1997), except for track 8 which is taken from the very first album Caravan (1968).[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."In the Land of Grey and Pink"Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair3:46
2."The Crack of the Willow"Hastings5:37
3."Cold as Ice"Hastings4:10
5."If I Could Do It All over Again, I'd Do It All over You"Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair3:31
6."Cool Water"Hastings4:06
7."Travelling Ways"Hastings3:52
8."Place of My Own"Hastings4:06
9."Somewhere in Your Heart"Hastings5:43
10."Wendy Wants Another 6 Mole"Hastings2:26
11."Side by Side"Hastings4:39
12."I Know Why You're Laughing"Hastings5:31
13."If It Wasn't for Your Ego"Hastings3:35
14."It's a Sad, Sad Affair"Hastings3:23



  • Pye Hastings – accordionist, electric guitarist, vocalist, harmony vocalist, Leslie guitarist
  • Jim Leverton – bass guitarist, vocalist, harmony vocalist
  • Geoff Richardson – acoustic guitarist, clarinet, mandolin, violinist, accordion, electric guitarist, tambourine, violist, wind, kalimba, harmony vocals, shaker, amplifiers
  • Dave Sinclair – keyboards, harmony vocalist
  • Richard Coughlan – drums
Additional personnel
  • Jimmy Hastings – clarinet, flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo, soprano sax, tenor sax


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