Ubajara National Park

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Ubajara National Park

The smallest of the 35 national parks of Brazil, covering an area of 5.63 km², the greatest treasure of the Ubajara National Park, in the state of Ceará, is the Ubajara grotto. Set in a hillside in the Ibiapaba Mountains, 320 kilometres from Fortaleza, the grotto has impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, the result of nature's patient work with limestone and water over many thousands of years - each centimetre of crystallised growth takes three years to form.

Access to the grotto is by a chairlift. The park has waterfalls and paths through the forest. Visits are supervised by Ibama, the national body for environmental conservation, and must be arranged in advance. Other attractions in the Ibiapaba mountains include Morro do Céu, 820 metres high, and Pedra de Itagurussu, the source of the Pirangi waterfall.

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