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Uljin Airfield (IATA: UJN, ICAO: RKTL) (Korean: 울진비행장) is a partially finished airport near Uljin County, South Korea. Construction was suspended in 2005 after the airport was 85% complete.[1] The Board of Audit and Inspection halted construction after it was determined no airline wanted to use the airport.[2] The airport gained international notoriety when it was selected by Agence France-Presse as one of its "Zany stories of 2007". The AFP reported "A town in South Korea which spent some US$140 million to build its own airport was then forced to admit that no airlines actually wanted to fly there."[3] Uljin Airport may be used for a pilot training center.[4]

The airport features single runway(17/35) which is 1800 meters long and 45 meters wide. The runways are equipped with ILS.

Coordinates: 36°46′12″N 129°27′55″E / 36.77000°N 129.46528°E / 36.77000; 129.46528


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