National University of Misiones

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National University of Misiones
Universidad Nacional de Misiones
Logo unam.JPG
Type Public
Established 1973
Rector Javier Gortari
Academic staff
Students 20,472
Location Posadas, Misiones, Argentina
Campus Ruta Nac. 12, Km. 7½
The UNaM's campus in Posadas, Misiones

The National University of Misiones (in Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Misiones, UNaM) is a public university in Argentina; founded by the law 20.286 on April 16, 1973, as part of the Taquini plan, a program of reorganization of the top education that would take the foundation of universities of Jujuy, La Pampa, Lomas de Zamora, Entre Ríos, Luján, Catamarca, Salta, San Juan, San Luis y Santiago del Estero, form to more than 11.000 pupils, between them numerous foreigners, given their border location with Paraguay and Brazil. It has a publishing house and a radio station, LRH301 FM Universidad Nacional de Misiones, that streams in Ogg Vorbis format.


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