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National University of Mar del Plata
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata
Rectorado UNMDP.jpg
Rectorate of the National University of Mar del Plata
Former names
Universidad de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (University of the Province of Buenos Aires)
Established1962; 57 years ago (1962)
RectorAlfredo Lazzeretti
Academic staff
Students25,549 (2016)
Location, ,
CampusComplejo Universitario Manuel Belgrano

The National University of Mar del Plata (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, UNMdP) is an Argentine national university in the city of Mar del Plata, on the Atlantic coast.

The institution was established in 1962 as the Universidad de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (University of the Province of Buenos Aires). The university acquired its current name in 1975, when under the auspices of the Taquini Plan the Argentine government took over its administration and merged it with the Universidad Católica Stella Maris (Catholic University Stella Maris).

The UNMdP currently includes nine faculties (Architecture, Urbanism and Design, Agricultural Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Work, Law, Humanities, Engineering and Psychology) and one school (School of Medicine[1]). It offers 50 graduate programmes, 11 pre-graduate programmes, and 48 post-graduate programmes.[2]

Graduate programmes[edit]

Degree awarded


Field of Studies / Discipline Duration (in years)[3]
Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
Architect Architecture 6
Industrial Designer Industrial design 5
Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences
Professor in Economics Economics 4
Licentiate in Economics 5
Certified Public Accountant Accountancy 5
Licentiate in Administration Administration 5
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
Biochemist Biochemistry 6
Professor in Biological Sciences Biological Sciences 4
Licentiate in Biological Sciences 5
Professor in Mathematics Mathematics 4
Licentiate in Mathematics 5
Professor in Physics Physics 4
Licentiate in Physics 5
Professor in Mathematics Chemistry 4
Licentiate in Mathematics 5
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Agronomic Engineer Agronomy 5
Industrial Designer Industrial design 4
Licentiate in Food Science and Technology Food science and Technology 4
Licentiate in Animal Husbandry Animal husbandry 4
Licentiate in Plant Production Plant Production 4
Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work
Licentiate in Nursing Nursing 5
Licentiate in Social Work Social Work 5
Licentiate in Occupational Therapy Occupational therapy 5
Faculty of Law
Lawyer Law 5
Faculty of Humanities
Licentiate in Library Science and Documentation Library science and Documentation 5
Professor in Library Science and Documentation 5
Licentiate in Political Science Political science 5
Licentiate in Philosophy Philosophy 5
Professor in Philosophy 4
Licentiate in Geography Geography 5
Professor in Geography 5
Licentiate in History History 5
Professor in History 4
Professor in English English / TEFL 5[4]
Licentiate in Spanish Philology Spanish Philology 5
Professor in Spanish Philology 4
Licentiate in Sociology Sociology 5
Licentiate in Educational Sciences Educational sciences 5
Faculty of Engineering
Electric Engineer Electric Engineering 5
Electro-mechanic Engineer Electro-mechanic Engineering 5
Electronic Engineer Electronic engineering 5
Food Engineer Food engineering 5
Computational Engineer Computational engineering 5
Informatics Engineer Informatics Engineering 5
Industrial Engineer Industrial engineering 5
Material Engineer Material Engineering 5
Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering 5
Chemical Engineer Chemical engineering 5
Faculty of Psychology
Licentiate in Psychology Psychology 5
Medical School
Medical Doctor Medicine 6
Law School of the University of Mar del Plata

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