University of Calgary Students' Union

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University of Calgary Students' Union
Institution University of Calgary
Location Calgary, Alberta
President Levi Nilson
Vice presidents Stephan Guscott (VP Academic), Romy Garrido (VP External), Kirsty McGowan (VP Life), Sarah Pousette (VP Op-Fi)
Affiliations CASA, CAUS
MacEwan Student Centre

The University of Calgary Students' Union is the collective voice of the 25,000 undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. It is one of the three biggest Student Union organizations in the country. Every Undergraduate registered at the University of Calgary is a member of the Students' Union. The Students' Union is a multifaceted organization serving as part student government, part lobby group, and part business. Students are elected to serve on the Students' Union for one year following elections held each March.

Students' Legislative Council[edit]

The Students' Union's highest governing body is the Students' Legislative Council and it is where all resolutions, major policies, and positions are voted on. It consists of the five executives and 18 faculty representatives.

Current 2015-2016 Students' Legislative Council[edit]

President and Supreme Acclaimed Dictator: Levi Nilson

Vice President Academic: Stephan Guscott

Vice President External: Romy Garrido

Vice President Student Life: Kirsty McGowan

Vice President Operations and Finance: Sarah Pousette

Faculty of Arts Representatives:

  • Haider Ali
  • Emily Leedham
  • Shubir Shaikh
  • Jen Tokarek

Faculty of Science Representatives:

  • Houda El Sidawi
  • Conrad Jaeger
  • Julie Le

Haskayne School of Business Representatives:

  • Conrad Lowe
  • Jordan Grant

Schulich School of Engineering Representatives:

  • Negin Hemati
  • Kaylyn Schnell

Werklund School of Education Representative:

  • Christopher Klune

Faculty of Kinesiology Representative:

  • Megan Kolmatiski

Faculty of Law Representative:

  • Mark Shearer

Cumming School of Medicine Representatives:

  • Shubidito Ahmed
  • Jovey Sharma

Faculty of Nursing Representative:

  • Alicia Lunz

Faculty of Social Work Representative:

  • Tasneem Zaman

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative:

  • vacant

Non-voting Officials

  • Michael Tom (board of governors)
  • Emily Macphail (senate)
  • Scott Vu (senate)

Faculty Representation[edit]

There are currently 18 Faculty Representatives on the Students' Legislative Council which is based on a representation by population model. Every undergradaute faculty is represented by at least one Faculty Representative with a representative gained for every 2000 students in a given faculty. All faculties with less than 2000 students registered have one Faculty Representative. Once a faculty reaches the 2000 student threshold it will have two representatives and when a faculty reaches the 4000 student threshold it will have three representatives etc.

Faculty representation is as follows:

  • 4 Faculty of Arts
  • 3 Faculty of Science
  • 2 Faculty of Business
  • 2 Faculty of Engineering
  • 1 Faculty of Education
  • 1 Faculty of Kinesiology
  • 1 Faculty of Law
  • 2 Faculty of Medicine
  • 1 Faculty of Nursing
  • 1 Faculty of Social Work
  • 1 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Provincial and Federal Representation[edit]

Federally, the University of Calgary Students' Union participates in the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations and provincially, they are a member of the Council of Alberta University Students.


As a student-led and staff-run organization supported by student volunteers, the Students' Union has a diverse organizational structure to manage the scope of its businesses, services, programs, and events. Under the direction of elected student leaders, the SU has a team of approximately 50 full-time staff, more than 200 part-time staff, and more than 300 volunteers who deliver a wide range of services to the organization and undergraduate students. The SU operates MacEwan Student Centre and has services including Bound and Copied (the campus copy centre), Stör (a convenience store), the Den and Black Lounge (a full-service restaurant and bar), the Campus Food Bank, “Mac Hall" concert facilities, and MacEwan Conference and Event Centre within the building. The proceeds of these operations are reinvested directly into SU student programs, awards, and events. Additional services include the off-campus housing registry, campus lost and found, travel and conference funding, campus "Safewalk," various awareness weeks, Cinemania movie nights, and the time-honoured end-of-year tradition "Bermuda Shorts Day."

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