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In memoriam

Goodbye, Sir Colin, and thank you.

User name: Kintaro

Location: France

My other accounts in other Wikipedias: French, Spanish, Catalan

My user account on Commons: User:Kintaro

My user account on Wikispecies: User:Kintaro

My user account on Wikidata: User:Kintaro

Some articles created by me for this Wikipedia:

Some articles where I brought what I consider notable editions:

  • Scuba set: I claim to be the main creator of the history section (thank you so much, Anthony, for bringing some necessary corrections to my tidy French-accented English)
  • Timeline of diving technology: I completed the timeline with important events in the history of diving, brought several needed references and, especially, some really necessary corrections to some loud mistakes. Thank you again, Anthony, for bringing corrections to my English.
  • Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique: I moved the old title (Spirotechnique) to the official name of this French company. I expanded the article from its original single line to a more respectful sourced paragraph. Other Wikipedians kept expanding the article since then...
  • Aqua-lung: I created new introductory parts of the article, bringing what in my humble opinion are more clear and accurate explanations on the origins of the Aqua-Lung patents and names.
  • Dire: a disambiguation page that I expanded from this to this.

Some redirects to remember (at this point, August 14, 2016):

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