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Welcome to my page and to the English Wikipedia. I am an administrator, AWB Project editor, on the English Wikipedia. Any questions, feel free to ask me on my talk page!

I am a massive EastEnders, Neighbours and Deal or No Deal fan originally from Edinburgh but now living in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I also contribute towards Walford Web Wiki by updating it and reviewing it and I reviewed Neighbours for PerfectBlend. My favourite cartoons would have to be Family Guy, American Dad (both created by the wonderful Seth MacFarlane) and The Simpsons. Giggity!!

In fact my username, comes from EastEnders, home of my favourite EastEnders family.

My favourite actors are Alan Fletcher aka Dr Karl Kennedy (Neighbours) and John Partridge aka Christian Clarke in EastEnders.

I currently work for Sony Xperia in the UK and have done so since May 2014. Prior to that I worked for Samsung for over 7 years. For the first 3 and a half years I provided technical support for mobile phones and household appliances until mid 2010 when I moved to the customer complaints team and relocated with them to Newcastle upon Tyne.

I fundraise for both Diabetes UK and Asthma UK as I have been a registered Diabetic for the past few years and a registered Asthmatic since March 2012.

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