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Nathan McKnight
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Once I was an avid editor of Wikipedia, but the long-lasting deletionist craze drove me away, as it has driven away other dedicated Wikipedians, and doubtless scared off many would-be Wikipedians. I maintain this profile as a commemoration of the time when Wikipedia was a growing, constructive environment for the cataloguing of all the world's knowledge, and as a protest against the arbitrary culling of that knowledge that seems to be the current fad. If you've submitted WP:PROD's without researching the sources and attempting to improve them yourself, if you've engaged in reflexive copyright-extremism, or made ill-defined demands for "sufficient" coverage to establish're part of the problem. Please consider becoming more constructive and less destructive. If you aren't familiar with Wikipedia's deletion polices, please see WP:ATD

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My stats... My edit counts as tracked by Soxred93's counter (as of 3/16/2010): First edit: Jun 10, 2006 02:10:28 | Unique articles edited: 804 | Average edits per page: 5.32 | Total edits (including deleted): 4,275 | Deleted edits: 157 | Live edits: 4,118

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About Nathan McKnight
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New York

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United States Canada The Bahamas Germany Czech Republic Austria Poland Scotland Northern Ireland Ireland The United Kingdom England Wales The Netherlands

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Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota West Virginia Tennessee Kentucky Virginia North Carolina Michigan South Carolina Georgia Florida Missouri Kansas Colorado Utah Alabama California New Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland Vermont Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Washington, D.C.

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Mcknight firebreathing.JPG Yeah, that's me.

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Every single (or married) man, woman, child, and lump of bituminous coal needs its own Wikipedia article. --Aelffin
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  • "Pepperoni is made of pigs." --overheard at COSI
  • "Sausage is a natural outcome of efficient butchery." --from Sausage