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This is my second account; I used to go by the name Steamtostay on most rail-related forums, but I feel I've since outgrown that name.

My primary interest is Victorian Railways, circa late 60's to late 90's.

I remember being interested in trains since I was 3, although my parents say it began earlier.

My main interest is now urban planning with respect to Marchetti's Constant and the implications it has on infrastructure provision and timetabling, but I also spend time on rolling stock history, signalling and safeworking.

Pages I have created and/or contributed to are listed below. I have not been involved in all of them, but well over half:

Recently there have been some issues regarding the content I have been adding to these sorts of pages; specifically regarding the reliability of the sources I'm using (by Wiki's definition of the term), and whether or not the model railway sections are relevant. These issues are discussed on my talk page. In the meantime I am copying the model railway content to User:Anothersignalman/Models of Victorian Railways Locomotives and Rolling Stock, so that if it is removed from the original pages it can still be viewed. That page might later become a proper Wiki article depending on the outcome of these discussions; or the whole content of all the rolling stock pages might need to be shifted to an Australian Railways Wikia.