Victorian Railways MT type carriage

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MT type carriages
ManufacturerVictorian Railways
Built atMultiple, same as corresponding railmotors
Replacedeach other
Constructedfrom 1922
RefurbishmentMTH's were refurbished H cars
Operator(s)various heritage operators, Stony Point line
Line(s) servedMost, if not all
Track gauge5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)

The MT type carriages were railmotor trailers, used on the railways of Victoria, Australia.


When the VR built their AEC railmotors, they quickly realised that extra capacity was needed. To this end, they built the RailMotor Trailers, or MT class, specifically designed for the AEC railcars. When later railmotors were introduced, this pattern was followed, and so the MT class was one of the more varied classes of VR rollingstock. It was not uncommon to see a train composed of one railmotor, and two, three or, in rare cases, four trailers.


DERM trailer at Cranbourne station

A.E.C. trailers[edit]

These were numbered 1 through 24. They were painted red, and were the only MT cars that were four-wheelers. They were built between 1922 and 1925.

P.E.R.M. trailers[edit]

These were numbered 26 through 30. They were painted red to start, although a different red to the AEC trailers. When the PERMs were converted to DERM (diesel) railmotors in the mid-1950s, the five trailers were painted in blue and gold.

More details: DERM → Trailers

Walker trailers[edit]

Trailer cars 50 - 64 were Walkers railcar trailers placed in service between 1948 and 1954. They were primarily placed behind the 102 hp (76 kW) and 153 hp (114 kW) variations, but occasionally were coupled to 280 hp (210 kW) versions. Of note, is that Walker trailers 50 and 51 were originally classed RMT instead of MT. They were reclassed to the norm by 1949.

More details: Walker railmotor → Trailers

Brill trailer[edit]

This was numbered 200. It remained in service until 1984. 200MT is now preserved at Daylesford Spa Country Railway

More details: Brill railmotor → 200MT

Other trailers[edit]

Number 25 was a conversion of a standard carriage, APL 20, in 1928

Trailers car 31 was converted from 65ABW in about 1981, along with cars 32 to 34 were converted from similar VFW cars 3, 4 and 6 in 1981.

Cars 31 to 34 were painted in VR blue and gold, and only ran for about 2–3 years.

Numbers 40 - 42 were trailers used behind motor cars converted for rail use.

Numbers 35-39, 43-49 and 65-100 were not used.

Controversial trailers[edit]

MTH passenger cars[edit]

Opinions[by whom?] vary on whether or not the four MTH cars count as railmotor trailers. They were originally Harris suburban trains, but when these were taken out of service, a large number were refurbished for use on intrastate trains. As part of this, four were converted to MTH cars, for use behind the four DRC railcars. When the DRCs were taken out of service, the four MTH's were transferred to the Stony Point line, where they were run behind an A class diesel locomotive. Their last revenue-run was on Saturday, 26 April 2008. Now, no-one is sure of their fate, although they are currently in storage. Three MTH carriages used to run on the Leongatha line with a P Class loco.

MTH 101 was converted from Harris car 517BT, 102 from 679T, 103 from 524BT & 104 from 672T.

MTH 102 was converted to Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV102 in 2011.

1300TM (VLocity trailers)[edit]

While borderline, the VLocity centre cars may be considered trailer cars. Unlike their predecessors, they are classed TM, and numbered in the 1300 range. By late 2010, there will be 32 TM cars, no's 1318-1328, 1330-1350.

They are also different from the MT-type trailers, because the only major difference between a Vlocity and a Vlocity trailer, is that the former has cabs. The trailers are centre cars, with a DM unit on one side, and a DM(D) on the other.

TM 1341 has entered service, coupled between DM(D) 1141 and DM 1241. Similarly, TM 1340 has entered service in set VL40, as have TM 1339, 1338 and 1337 in sets VL39, 38 and 37 respectively. TM1336 (VL36) entered service on the 20-11-08.

TM's 37-30 and 28-18 (in that order) are to enter service, then work will begin on TM's 42-50, in that order. It is unlikely that TM's 1301-1317 will be built.


Naturally, the trailer cars fell into disuse at the same time as their railmotor counterparts. A number have moved to heritage operators, in particular the Daylesford Spa Country Railway, which specialises in railmotors, and by extension the trailers.