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User:UBX/Pope john paul ii

Wazzup? Wikipedia is fun and informative!

Fourth of July on the Hudson River.


75th and Broadway.


Fairway Market, my primary grocery store.


I just got my first one!

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Thank you!

The second one: more for failure than success, but who cares? A Barnstar is a Barnstar!

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To speak to others with consideration, to appear before them with decency and humility, is to honour them; as signs of fear to offend. To speak to them rashly, to do anything before them obscenely, slovenly, impudently is to dishonour. —Adapted from Leviathan, X.

Wikipedia articles contributed to[edit]

Most of my writing and editing tends to be in the fields of culture and society. I also do some editing of topics related to geography, history, science (ecology) and technology. Here are some of the articles I have worked on.

"All things are connected"—attributed (incorrectly) to Chief Seattle

Useful links and other gems[edit]

Some things I've found useful.

Songs for chipmunks[edit]

1. love story by The Chipettes from Taylor Swift


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