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Happy 2015!

You know what bothers me? The fact that so many articles on here are poorly written (not untrue, just written by someone not good at English prose), and few of the site's regular editors or admins seem to care one iota. In fact, editors who routinely fix these mistakes are often written off as "gnomes" without any "important" contributions to make to the encyclopedia (not that the term "Wikignome" is always used pejoratively; I've just noticed that some editors seem to use it that way). Look, I understand that sourcing is hugely important, the most important part of writing an arcticle; at the same time, however, who wants a well-sourced article that can barely be made sense of? I say "gnoming" is an important part of the constructive work done on Wikipedia.

Another tidbit about me: I used to be a serial vandal and sockmaster. I won't mention any account names on this page, but some salacious details can be found here. I made a full confession in April 2014, and have not engaged in that kind of behavior since. Quitting vandalism and becoming a productive and constructive editor can be done.

(A note about my userboxes: I have not visited the District of Columbia. The wording of the "states visited" box makes that a bit ambiguous.)

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