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Hello Crow, whaddya know?
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Hello! I'm Crow! (Whaddya know?)

About me: Well, lets see, I'm about yay high, feathers, beak, feet.

I do a lot of helping out at the Copyright Problems board, and the Suspected Copyright Violations board, where the automated bots leave their suspicions. The admins and volunteers who work those pages have entrusted me as a clerk there, for which I am grateful to have earned their trust. <plug>(We could use help there if you're looking for something to do!)</plug>

I also do a fair amount of patrol type stuff, though I have started a couple of articles and did some major re-write for others. You can see all that below, along with the files I've added. Someday I'll add some photos that I've taken as well.

Personally, I'm a fan of classic oratory and rhetoric, as well as Shakespeare and Socrates. Which means I've been known to drop some Latin, Greek, or iambic pentameter when appropriate. There's an Internet rule somewhere about people who quote Latin at you, so I do try to keep it to a minimum!

Lastly, there are a lot of "User:Crow"s on the Internet. Don't assume that any of them are me.

But enough about me...

My WikiWork[edit]

Created Articles[edit]

Start-Class article Jimmy the raven
Start-Class article Rubber room (bunker)
C-Class article Ernest Cashel[1]

Files Uploaded[edit]

Jimmy the raven in It's a Wonderful Life.png
Pad 39B Rubber Room Door.jpg
Shiny steel ball.png
Crow silhouette.jpg
Blast room diagram.png

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  1. ^ Technically expanded from a 60-byte microstub, but I basically wrote the whole thing.