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The Richard Hooker Memorial Barnstar for hard work and diligence on the Anglicanism WikiProject: Look what I got! Thanks, Secisek!
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Hello all! I'm a writer, educator, learner, and non-active Anglican priest living in Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm interested in the history of British Columbia - especially the fur-trading & exploration history of the BC interior. I also have an interest in Canadian politics and current affairs. Formerly, I was very involved in editing articles on Anglicanism, and was the founder of the Anglicanism WikiProject. Apart from a Master of Divinity degree, I have a Th.M. in New Testament, and did two years of doctoral work in New Testament ethics at the Graduate Theological Union. My spirituality has taken me in new paths and I no longer have much of an interest in editing articles pertaining to my educational and professional background.

I find myself distracted by information. I'm a researchophile. I get interested in a subject, and I start researching. It is a great form of procrastination, as I'm sure other Wikipedians can attest. The threads lead me in interesting directions: The rivers of British Columbia and their history, because my father was a freshwater surveyor for the Province of British Columbia. And of course, talking about the history of rivers brings my attention to the Europeans who explored them, which gets me working on their biographies, and then this gets me interested in the colonial history of western British North America.

The Cedar Hill area in which I grew up, photographed about sixty years before my birth


Thinking about all this history gets me homesick for my beloved Vancouver Island (although I'm happy being on the Lower Mainland), and so I start writing about the place in which I grew up — from the general (Victoria) to the specific (Cedar Hill).

Perhaps the best example of just how much I've been drawn into Wikipedia is the Anglicanism WikiProject, which I designed and initiated. I was motivated by the fact that Google searches on subjects related to Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion typically yield a Wikipedia article in the top five...many of which are (or were) frankly incomplete, inaccurate, or POV-ridden. This fact is combined with the total absence of articles on important Anglican theology, history, institutions, and individuals. I realised I couldn't do it all myself, and was not qualified to do it all myself, anyway. When I compared Anglican-related articles to those of other denominational traditions, especially Roman Catholicism, I felt embarrassed. Hence, the WikiProject. I am delighted that we now have over sixty participants. I wish them all the best.

Finally, I am an administrator of Wikipedia. Having long thought that sysops were those "other people," my nomination and selection were a complete shock to me. But I am humbled by the confidence shown in me, and have now embarked on a process of learning the scope of my responsibilities.

My involvement in Wikipedia over the last three or four years has been seriously cut back. I don't even know if I still have administrator status. But I do little bits here and there as time (and my will) merit.

Articles I've created or substantially revised include[edit]

Amor De Cosmos is one of my favourite B.C. historical figures. He sums up Left Coast eccentricity and passion

.Herein, "extensively reworked" means that, following my editing, roughly three-quarters or more of the material in the article was added by me.

British Columbia Geography[edit]

The article on Simon Fraser was in such poor shape, it motivated me to become a Wikipedian and was the first I worked on, and this was the first image I downloaded.

Thutade Lake - Stuart River - Parsnip River - Kechika River - McLeod Lake - Stuart Lake - West Road River - Fort Fraser - Muskwa River - Liard River (extensively reworked) - Dease River - Beatton River - Fort Nelson River - Cedar Hill (Greater Victoria) - Mount Douglas (British Columbia) - Greater Victoria neighbourhoods (category) - Saanich Peninsula - Western Communities - Malahat, British Columbia - Golden Hinde (British Columbia) - Kennedy Lake - Otter Point (Greater Victoria) - MacMillan Provincial Park - Beacon Hill Park - Saanich Inlet

Explorers of British Columbia[edit]

Samuel Black - John Finlay - Simon Fraser (explorer) (extensively reworked) - John Stuart (explorer) - John McLeod - James McDougall (explorer)

Mayors of Vancouver[edit]

Premiers of British Columbia[edit]

One of my favourite Anglican theologians, The Right Rev. Dr. Charles Gore, who essentially invented modern Liberal Catholicism in Anglicanism

John Foster McCreight (extensively reworked) - Amor De Cosmos (extensively reworked) - Simon Fraser Tolmie (extensively reworked)

History of British Columbia[edit]

Occasionally I do get into edit conflicts, but like St. Paul, I occasionally have Road to Damascus experiences, and embrace the other side.


Anglican sacraments - Anglican religious order - Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ - Brotherhood of the Epiphany - Chama Cha Mariamu Mtakatifu - Chita che Zita Rinoyera - Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto - Christa Sevika Sangha (Handmaids of Christ) - Community of All Hallows - Community of Christ the King - Community of Jesus' Compassion - Community of Nazareth - Order of St. Benedict (Anglican) - Sisters of Charity - Society of St. Paul - Sursum Corda - Prayer of Humble Access - Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral - Lex orandi, lex credendi - Anglican Eucharistic theology (extensively expanded and reworked) - List of dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada - Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert's Land - Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon - Calendar of Saints (Anglican Church of Canada) - Ecclesiastical provinces of the Anglican Church of Canada - Thirty-Nine Articles (extensively reworked) - Diocese of Keewatin - Diocese of Montreal - Diocese of British Columbia - Diocese of Ontario - General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada - Wikipedia:WikiProject Anglicanism


Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (essentially redid) - British Columbia Utilities Commission - Agricultural Land Reserve (extensively reworked) - List of Vancouver roads - Medical Services Plan - Edward Lawrence Logan - Alex Fraser (politician) - David Zirnhelt - Leaders of Canadian federal conservative parties - Capital G, British Columbia - Juan de Fuca Electoral Area - Main Street (Vancouver) - Broadway (Vancouver)

To Do[edit]

  • Merge BC colonies articles