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Hello, and welcome to my userpage. My main fields of interest are Chinese politics and history (the latter is my passion, the former my profession). I have noticed that many articles in both these areas are undeveloped, and I am pleased with the prospect of contributing my time and expertise. There also seems to be lively and intelligent debate on some articles (while others are quiet), and the prospect of working with like-minded individuals on an intellectual project like this appeals to me.

Much of my current research and writing on China relates to state-society relations, protest movements, rule of law and access to justice. I also have an enduring if somewhat more amateur interest in Taoism, Chinese arts, Greek philosophy, and Roman poetry. My contributions in these areas are deliberately minimal, but sometimes my irrepressible love of Plato and Ovid may find manifestation on this encyclopedia.

My username comes from the first story in John Minford's splendid translation of Pu Songling's Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. It is among the oddest, quaintest, and most endearing books I own.

Articles created[edit]

The Tragedy of Liberation  • Deng Zhengjia  • Pow! (novel)  • Suisheng Zhao  • Qidong protest  • Zhou Decai  • John Van Antwerp MacMurrayDid You Know?Good article  • Wu Chuntao  • Shifang protestDid You Know?Good article  • Guangdong model  • Chongqing modelDid You Know?Good article  • Three Stresses campaign  • Informal economy of China  • Life and Death are Wearing Me Out  • Tang Jitian  • Barefoot lawyer  • Forced eviction (China)  • Gu Kailai  • Jiang Tianyong  • National Bureau of Corruption Prevention  • Wang Lijun incident  • Li Heping  • Miao Rebellion (1854–73)  • Minxin Pei  • Journal of Contemporary China  • David Shambaugh  • Arthur Waldron  • Andrew J. Nathan  • The Age of Openness  • Congressional-Executive Commission on China  • United Front Work Department  • China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations  • Protest and dissent in the People's Republic of China  • Rightful resistance  • Campaign to Maintain the Advanced Nature of Communist Party Members  • 6521 Project  • Guo Feixiong  • China News Analysis  • Laszlo Ladany  • Li Hong (Taoist eschatology)  • Political Education in the People's Republic of China  • Revolutionary opera

Some other substantial contributions[edit]

Li Chengpeng  • Forced abortion of Feng JianmeiGood article  • Chen GuangchengGood article  • Will the Boat Sink the Water  • Bo XilaiGood article  • Terrorism in the People's Republic of China  • Concerns and controversies over Confucius Institutes  • Falun Gong  • 6-10 OfficeGood article  • Weiquan movementGood article  • Yan'an Rectification Movement  • List of campaigns of the Communist Party of China  • Revolutionary opera  • Anti-Spiritual Pollution Campaign  • Tuidang movement  • Bo Guagua  • University of International Relations  • Freedom of religion in the People's Republic of China  • Falun Gong outside mainland ChinaGood article


Here I will list my current and future work. These are topics I'm interested in, and which appear to need research and input. I'm putting all this here as a public memory jogger, and an open invitation to collaboration.

The Tragedy of Liberation  • Open door policy  • Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio  • Journey to the West  • Art of the People's Republic of China  • Pu Songling  • Jean Pasqualini  • Sidney Rittenberg  • Wang Shiwei  • Sun Wukong  • Zhu Bajie  • Sha Wujing  • Wu Cheng'en  • Xuanzang (fictional character)  • Yuan Shikai  • Zhang Xianliang  • Academica Sinica  • Government of the People's Republic of China  • Central Military Commission (People's Republic of China)  • Propaganda in the People's Republic of China  • Law in the People's Republic of China  • Chinese Nationalism  • Communist Party of China  • Judicial system of the People's Republic of China  • Yan'an Rectification Movement  • Jiangxi Soviet  • Warlord Era  • Republican Era of China  • Black jails

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