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Hi. If you’ve come to this page, I imagine it’s because you were either interested or annoyed by something I wrote or a change I made—anyhow, that’s usually my motivation for visiting someone’s user page <g>.

I’m a translator working between Japanese and English, a profession I took up in 1984. I’ve lived in Hachioji, a city in west Tokyo, since 1981, when I came to Japan. Before that I lived for nearly five years in Germany, mostly in a town called Wolfenbüttel in Niedersachsen, but also in Hamburg and Pforzheim. I grew up in Riverton, New Jersey, a small town across the river from Philadelphia in the US.

My educational background is not very impressive: a vocational high school for grades 9–12, then an apprenticeship in Germany, where I trained (and then worked) as a Konditor, sort of a combination of confectioner and baker (Konditors don’t do bread). I originally came to Japan to go to college, but dropped out after three years to pursue my career in translation. The impending arrival of our first son kind of helped me reach the decision, too.

My interests are just about anything to do with Japan; German history (particularly the Nazi and post-war periods); typography, letter forms, and scripts; and languages; in my next life, I think I’d like to get into vulcanology or seismology and dispense with the cake baking. Anyhow, these are the areas where I hope to be able to contribute to Wikipedia. I’m also quite interested in Buddhism, particularly the Nichiren flavor(s), and believe I can be of help with describing or explaining terminology and concepts from particularly the Nichiren Shoshu school’s perspective (for the record: I believe that whether that perspective is viable or otherwise is for the reader to decide: my intent is to explain it, not promote it <g>).

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by.

Jim Lockhart 14:22, 13 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Sub-pages for discussions[edit]

My page for collaborators on SGI issues: If you're cooperating on an article related to SGI and want to know more about me, this is what you're looking for.

1989–90 friction and split-up of Nichiren Shoshu and Sokagakkai

Useful Wikipedia Editing and Information Links[edit]


International Travels Brag Sheet[edit]

The Signpost
27 February 2017
Time spent in:
—years:  Japan (1981–)
 United States (1956–1976)
 Germany (1976–1981)
—days to months
(by aggregate lengths of stay):
 South Korea
 East Germany

Notes for self[edit]

  • <span style='font-variant:small-caps'>Small Caps</span> for Small Caps
  • {{articleissues}}

Nihongo Template[edit]

There is a template (Template:Nihongo) to help standardize the entries for Japanese terms: {{Nihongo|Eng|kanji_string|romanization if needed}} Usage example:

{{Nihongo|New Meikai Japanese Dictionary|新明解国語辞典|shinmeikai kokugo jiten}}

appears as

New Meikai Japanese Dictionary (新明解国語辞典 shinmeikai kokugo jiten?)

The first entry appears before the brackets, the second is the Japanese term in Kanji and Kana, the last is the reading in Hepburn romanization. The question mark ? is a link to Help:Japanese.

Manual of style for Jpn articles: WP:MOS-JA

Markup for ruby[edit]



Language icons[edit]

{{de icon}}: (German)
{{ja icon}}: (Japanese)
{{nl icon}}: (Dutch)
{{pl icon}}: (Polish)

Articles sources from German Wikipedia:

This article incorporates information from the revision as of 2007-01-01 of the equivalent article on the German Wikipedia.

Language reference templates[edit]

de: German: Deutsch
pl: Polish: Polish
ja: Japanese: 日本語 Nihongo
nl: Dutch: Nederlands

With audio file: German: About this sound Breslau 

Where are *.ogg files located? Any Japanese files available?

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Use them if you like.