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Some things about me
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Hi, my nickname is Josh. I'm from the city (municipality) of Santa Clara, province of Villa Clara, Cuba and support totally the Wikipedia Project.

What I'm doing?[edit]

  1. Studying the 8th grade at "Capitán Roberto Rodríguez" High School.
  2. Developing in HTML, PHP & MySQL.
  3. Collaborating with Wikipedia on many ways.
  4. Writing poetry and other kinds of literature.
  5. Collaborating with Megadictos e-zine.
  6. Maintaining my blog.
  7. Studying Mathematics.

Things that I wish to do:[edit]

  • To have a full-time & legal Internet connection.
  • Create a big web project.
  • Learn advanced mathematic and programming.
  • Share my life with an intelligent and good girl.
  • Meet J. K. Rowling, my favorite writer.
  • To have all the books of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

How can I contribute to Wikipedia?[edit]

  • Telling its features to everybody.
  • Creating or editing articles related to my knowledge.
  • Using a correct style in its articles.
  • Sentencing the vandalism.


I'm member from this Wikiprojects:

My preference's bag[edit]

This is a list of the things I prefer:


Now I'm reading Sinuhé, The Egyptian by Mika Waltari.


TV Series[edit]

I'm seeing now: “Prison Break” (3rd Season), “Lost” (2nd Season), “Criminal Minds” (1st Season), “Friends” (7th Season), “Naruto” (Anime), “GetBackers” (Anime), “The O.C.” (1st Season), “Two and a Half Men” (1st Season), “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (6th Season) and “House MD” (3rd Season).



Now I'm playing Tetris and Chess.


These are the softwares I'm using now:

I want to start with the Open Source. Help me, please.