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American female, born in the early 1970s (in the same hospital as J. Wales, as it happens; thanks, 60 Minutes, for teaching me a thing I would never have guessed in a jillion years). B.A., in art history and English, from a women's college, followed by professional degree, in neither art history nor English, from a former men's college; former academic-journal assistant editor; current resident of a state whose ZIP code starts with the number 8.

Favorite color: green.

Favorite movie: Bull Durham. Runners-up include, without limitation, Caddyshack, Mulholland Dr., and The Hunt for Red October.

Favorite American prose stylist/cat lover since Ernest Hemingway: Richard Posner. (See also Samuel Johnson... or not?! No, no. Hodge shall NOT be shot.)

Favorite American poems that are not "Casey at the Bat": "Anecdote of the Jar" and "Fire and Ice".

Favorite place (physically and culturally) in the history/geography of the universe: the Chateau Marmont.

Topical hobby-horses include, without limitation, foodstuffs, geography, disasters (artistic/critical as well as mechanical/environmental), language, medicine, and textiles.

Wikipedia Manual of Style hobby-horses include, without limitation:

  • MOS:HYPHEN: hyphens still being a thing even if one has to click over to another keyboard on one's phone to get to them
  • MOS:SECTIONCAPS: looking at existing Wikipedia articles re:, e.g., how the section headings are capitalized before plowing on into the fray
  • MOS:POSTABBR: not using United States Postal Service mechanical-sorting abbreviations in actual prose
  • MOS:CAPS generally: capitalizing random words for no discernible reason and getting tetchy if asked why one thought that was necessary

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This user is a userbox minimalist apart from the above-noted language "competencies" (or essential lack thereof). But I get one bit of lagniappe after 11,000 edits, I hope:

David Foster Wallace headshot 2006.jpgThis user misses David Foster Wallace.

I am in here, too. Abyssinia, dear DFW.—JDL.