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There are
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“Today's featured article” and “Picture of the day”[edit]

15 January 2020

Newspaper advertisement in Dutch for Soeara Berbisa
Newspaper advertisement in Dutch for Soeara Berbisa

Soeara Berbisa (Indonesian for Venomous Voice) is a 1941 film from the Dutch East Indies. Produced by Ang Hock Liem for Union Films and directed by R Hu, this black-and-white film starred Raden Soekarno, Ratna Djoewita, Oedjang, and Soehaena. The story, written by Djojopranoto, follows two young men who compete for the affections of a woman before learning that they are long-lost brothers. Completed between September and October 1941, Soeara Berbisa featured kroncong music and was shot partly in western Java. It was released to coincide with the Eid al-Fitr holiday, and rated for all ages. Advertisements (example shown) emphasised the film's appeal to both Native and Dutch audiences, and a review in De Indische Courant was positive. This was Union's penultimate production before the company closed after the Japanese occupied the Indies in March 1942. Soeara Berbisa was screened as late as 1949 and is now likely lost. Part of the Union Films featured topic. (Full article...)


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