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Hi, I'm Maplestrip, also known as Maple or Mable. I am mostly focused on articles related to webcomics and video games. I love writing articles from scratch, without having to worry about faulty structure or unsourced material. I have a hard time getting my articles above C-class, though! Oh look, my stats!

That all being said, you may see me all around, and I'll be looking forward to that :) So feel free to chat with me! ~Maplestrip (chat) 10:51, 27 November 2014 (UTC)


Check these out! I have a few magazines and books related to video games, anime and webcomics. Feel free to ask me about them, I'd love to share!

Personal projects[edit]

Any article with an icon listed is an article I'm a primary author of.

Joey Manley[edit]

6 articles
Joey Manley
Joey Manley 2009 v2.jpg
Modern Tales
Webcomics Nation

History of webcomics[edit]

26 articles
History of webcomics
Early webcomics
2000 in webcomics
2001 in webcomics
2002 in webcomics
2003 in webcomics
2004 in webcomics
2005 in webcomics
2006 in webcomics
2007 in webcomics
2008 in webcomics
2009 in webcomics
2010 in webcomics
2011 in webcomics
2012 in webcomics
2013 in webcomics
2014 in webcomics
2015 in webcomics
2016 in webcomics
2017 in webcomics
..and onward we go!
Webcomics in print
Video game webcomics
Infinite canvas
Sprite comic

Evolution Championship Series[edit]

10 articles
Evolution Championship Series
Evo 2016 - Mandalay Bay.jpg
B3, B4, and B5
Evo 2004
Evo 2009
Evo 2011
Evo 2012
Evo 2013
Evo 2014
Evo 2015
Evo 2016
Evo 2017
..and onward we go!
Evo Moment 37
Lupe Fiasco versus Daigo Umehara

Capcom Cup[edit]

11 articles
Capcom Cup 2016
Final Round 19
NorCal Regionals
Community Effort Orlando
Japan Cup
SoCal Regionals
Canada Cup
Evo 2016
Regional finals
11 articles
Capcom Cup 2017
Pro Tour
Final Round 20
NorCal Regionals
DreamHack Austin
Combo Breaker
Community Effort Orlando
Hong Kong Esports Festival
SoCal Regionals
Evo 2017
Regional finals

Randall Munroe[edit]

3 articles
Randall Munroe
Randall Munroe-rebublica2016b.JPG
What If?
Thing Explainer

Represent the world[edit]

7 articles
Video gaming in Nigeria
Video gaming in Kenya
Video gaming in Colombia
Video gaming in Thailand
Webcomics in China
Webcomics in France
Webcomics in India

Random webcomics[edit]

A selection of articles I have written about individual webcomics.

28 articles
Random webcomics
Boots and Pup artwork.jpg
pictures for sad children
Moving Pictures
Bongcheon-Dong Ghost
Loxie & Zoot
Brawl in the Family
These Memories Won't Last
The Awkward Yeti
Stand Still, Stay Silent
The Right Number
The Morning Improv
Sarah's Scribbles
Ava's Demon
Royal Existentials
Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery
Finnish Nightmares
El Listo
Boots and Pup
Salamander Dream
Sin Titulo
Demonology 101
Welcome to Convenience Store
Trans Girl Next Door
The Sound of Heart

Not to mention articles on people ranging from Shaenon Garrity to Aarthi Parthasarathy to Sergio S. Morán!

Some other random articles I'm proud of[edit]

I make images too sometimes!

I started off my Wikipedia career creating articles such as Video game genre, Health, Warp, and Invisible wall. Slowly, I was diversifying to weirder pastures, writing the second half of List of video games notable for speedrunning, even writing a featured list, List of video games in the Museum of Modern Art! My video game work was always weird and random. I tried writing articles on individual video games like Cabbage and Kero Blaster, but I always had much more fun with less standardized topics. Be it individual levels like World 1-1, individual characters like Shield Knight, great people like pannenkoek2012 and Evan Amos, or even something as particular as the intersection between Overwatch and pornography. My favorite video game-related article would probably be the list of unused gen 2 Pokémon.

My main passion isn't video games, though. It's webcomics! There is so much to do, from award ceremonies like Clickies to templates like Template:Early webcomics. From characters to Antimony Carver to TV adaptations like the Cyanide & Happiness Show to webtoon platforms like Delitoon.

Of course, I also write entirely different topics sometimes as well! Baptistina family.


--I may delete this section soon...

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