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This article provides a list of notable awards for webcomics and some of the winners from each year.

Many webcomics artists have received honors for their work. In 2006, Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel American Born Chinese, originally published as a webcomic on Modern Tales, was the first graphic novel to be nominated for a National Book Award.[1] Don Hertzfeldt's animated film based on his webcomics, Everything Will Be OK, won the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Jury Award in Short Filmmaking, a prize rarely bestowed on an animated film.[2]

Webcomic artists have also won comic awards from organizations that generally honor print comics, such as the Ignatz Awards and Eisner Awards, and there are awards, such as the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, which are given only to webcomics.

Awards given only to webcomics[edit]

Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards[edit]

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal won "Outstanding Single Panel Comic" at the 2006 and 2007 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards.[3][4]

From 2001 until 2008, the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards were given out, with voting rights granted only to online cartoonists. Because of the large number of categories, such as "Best Art", "Best Writing", "Best Gag Comic" and "Best Newcomer", only the winners of the main category "Best Comic" are listed here. The following articles provide complete listings of all nominees and winners in each year:

Best Comic (2001 – 2002), Outstanding Comic (2003 – 2008)
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2001 [1] Boxjam's Doodle Adam Burke
2002 [2] Megatokyo Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston
2003 [3] Nowhere Girl Justine Shaw
2004 [4] Count Your Sheep Adrian Ramos
2005 [5] Scary Go Round John Allison
2006 The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2007 The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2008 [6] Girl Genius Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio

Awards from organizations that generally honor print comics[edit]

Eagle Awards[edit]

Main article: Eagle Award (comics)

The Eagle Award is a series of awards for comic book titles and creators. They are awarded by UK fan voting for work produced during the previous year.

Favourite Web-based Comic
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2000 [7] Sluggy Freelance Pete Abrams
2004 [8] PvP Scott Kurtz
2005 [9] Supernatural Law Batton Lash
2006 [10] Penny Arcade Jerry Holkins (writer) and Mike Krahulik (artist)
2007 [11] The Order of the Stick Rich Burlew
2009 [12] FreakAngels[5] Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield
2010 [13] Axe Cop Ethan Nicolle and Malachai Nicolle
2011 [14] FreakAngels Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

Eisner Award[edit]

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, commonly shortened to the Eisner Award, is a prize given for creative achievement in American comic books. In 2003, Justine Shaw's Nowhere Girl received a nomination for an Eisner award in the "best new series" category, while Shaw was nominated for "talent deserving of wider recognition", making her the first webcomic artist to be nominated for an Eisner.[6]

Best Digital Comic (2005 – 2008), Best Webcomic (2009 – …)
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2014 The Oatmeal Matthew Inman
2012 Battlepug Mike Norton
2011 The Abominable Charles Christopher Karl Kerschl
2010 Sin Titulo Cameron Stewart
2009 Finder Carla Speed McNeil
2008 Sugarshock! Joss Whedon (writer) and Fábio Moon (artist) website is offline
2007 [15] Sam & Max: The Big Sleep Steve Purcell
2006 [16] PvP Scott Kurtz
2005 [17] Mom's Cancer Brian Fies (webcomic itself is offline)

Harvey Awards[edit]

The Harvey Awards, named for writer-artist Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993) and coordinated by the publisher Fantagraphics, are given for achievement in comic books. The Harveys were created as part of a successor to the Kirby Awards which were discontinued after 1987.

Best Online Comics Work
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2006 [18] American Elf James Kochalka
2007 [19] The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2008 The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2009 [20] High Moon David Gallaher, Steve Ellis and Scott O. Brown

Ignatz Awards[edit]

The Ignatz Awards are intended to recognize outstanding achievements in comics and cartooning by small press creators or creator-owned projects published by larger publishers. They have been awarded each year since 1997, but skipped a year in 2001 due to the show's cancellation after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Recipients of the award are determined by the votes of the attendees of the annual Small Press Expo.

Outstanding Online Comic
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2002 [21] Bee Jason Little
2003 [22] American Elf James Kochalka
2004 [23] American Elf James Kochalka
2005 [24] The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2006 [25] The Perry Bible Fellowship Nicholas Gurewitch
2007 [26] Achewood Chris Onstad
2008 [27] Achewood Chris Onstad
2009 [28] Year of the Rat Cayetano Garza

Shuster Awards[edit]

Outstanding WebComic Creator/Creative Team
Year Title(s) Creator(s) Website
2007 [29] April & May & June
Penny Tribute
Dan Kim
2008 [30] Looking for Group
Least I Could Do
Ryan Sohmer (writer) and Lar deSouza (artist)
2009 [31] Sin Titulo Cameron Stewart
2010 [32] The Abominable Charles Christopher Karl Kerschl
2011 [33] His Face All Red
Dream Journals
The Death of José Arcadio
Out the Door
The Hare's Bride
Emily Carroll

Other awards[edit]

Munroe's xkcd has won The Weblog Awards' "Best Comic Strip" twice.

Weblog Awards[edit]

Best Comic Strip
Year Title Creator(s) Website
2006 [34] Least I Could Do Ryan Sohmer (writer) and Lar deSouza (artist)
2007 [35] xkcd Randall Munroe
2008 [36] xkcd Randall Munroe

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