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Hello and welcome to my user page! I am Midnightblueowl, a Wikipedia editor from Western Europe who has been active on the site since February 2006 - although probably only a fully productive editor from 2011. I think that the importance of Wikipedia lies in the fact that it allows people from across the world to gain access to information with which they can make informed decisions about themselves and their futures. It allows people to learn about places, people, and ideas that they might otherwise never have encountered in their day-to-day existence, and thus can help build a better educated and tolerant society. Fundamentally, I hope that a better educated world will be a better world, and that's why I edit Wikipedia. Alongside reviewing other people's articles every now and again, I like to work on articles that I feel can be pulled up to GA and FA status with a little bit of love and tender care.

Subject Articles that I am, or have previously been, heavily involved in creating, authoring, or expanding
Ideological and Socio-political History Nelson Mandela Evelyn Mase Steve Biko Desmond Tutu F. W. de KlerkRobert Mugabe Julius Nyerere Jomo Kenyatta Olusegun ObasanjoIdris of LibyaMuammar Gaddafi

Vladimir Lenin Revolutionary activity of Vladimir Lenin Joseph Stalin Mikhail Gorbachev Boris YeltsinBenazir BhuttoMao ZedongEarly life of Mao Zedong Luo Yixiu Pol Pot

Karl Marx William Morris Winston Churchill John Tyndall Ken Livingstone Boris JohnsonJulia Gasper

Miguel SerranoEvo Morales Marcus GarveyFidel Castro Early life of Fidel Castro Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution Cesar ChavezNoam Chomsky Hegemony or Survival Occupy (book)

Cultural racismRespect PartyGreen Party of England and WalesLiberal Democrats (UK)ProLife AllianceReferendum Party UK Independence PartyNouvelle DroiteNational Front (UK) British National PartyEnglish Defence League Alt-right
Murder of Dwayne Jones Leelah Alcorn Murder of Lenford Harvey Brian Williamson Bahar Mustafa race row Munroe Bergdorf race row incident Ryanair racism incident

Comics Hergé Tintin in the Land of the Soviets Tintin in the Congo Tintin in America Cigars of the Pharaoh The Blue Lotus The Broken Ear The Black Island King Ottokar's Sceptre The Crab with the Golden Claws The Shooting Star The Secret of the Unicorn Red Rackham's Treasure The Seven Crystal Balls Prisoners of the Sun Land of Black Gold Destination Moon Explorers on the Moon The Calculus Affair The Red Sea Sharks Tintin in Tibet The Castafiore Emerald Flight 714 to Sydney Tintin and the Picaros Tintin and Alph-Art The Adventures of Totor Quick & FlupkePopol Out West
Archaeology, Anthropology, and Folkloristics Mick Aston V. Gordon Childe Grahame Clark O. G. S. Crawford Leslie Grinsell Joseph JacobsT. C. Lethbridge Ralph Merrifield Margaret Murray William StukeleyMortimer Wheeler

Long barrowCotswold-Severn GroupWest Kennet Long BarrowWayland's SmithyBadshot Lea Long BarrowMedway MegalithsColdrum Long Barrow Addington Long Barrow Chestnuts Long Barrow Coffin Stone Kit's Coty HouseLittle Kit's Coty HouseSmythe's Megalith White Horse Stone Julliberrie's Grave Jacket's Field Long Barrow Shrub's Wood Long Barrow
Stone circles in the British Isles and BrittanySwinsideHoarstonesDoll TorNine LadiesNine Stones ClosePorlock Stone Circle Withypool Stone Circle Fir Clump Stone Circle Day House Lane Stone CircleHodson Stone CircleAveburyFalkner's Circle The SanctuaryNine Stones, Winterbourne Abbas Hampton Down Stone Circle Kingston Russell Stone Circle Rempstone Stone Circle Rollright Stones
Dorset Ooser Hoodening The Broad (folk custom)Mari Lwyd Old BallOld HorseOld Tup
The Archaeology of Ritual and Magic The Bog People The Man-Eating Myth Dreamtime (Duerr book) Islam: The Untold Story

Religion and Esotericism World religionsIndigenous religion

Ojibwe religionLakota religionCandombléUmbandaSantería Palo (religion) Haitian VodouLouisiana VoodooRastafari Korean shamanismShintoHeathenry (new religious movement) Slavic Native FaithTheosophyNew Age Nation of IslamRaëlismLaVeyan SatanismTemple of Set Process Church of the Final JudgmentOrder of Nine Angles
Victor Henry Anderson Helena BlavatskyEddie Buczynski Marjorie Cameron Else Christensen Aleister Crowley Dion Fortune Kenneth Grant Raymond Howard Guido von List Leo Martello Stephen McNallen John MichellMadeline Montalban Jack Parsons Genesis P-OrridgeIsrael RegardieWilfred Talbot Smith Doreen Valiente
James Murrell George Pickingill