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Oskar Jensen, known as "Netugi" (or alternatively, "Netufi") on the internet, originated in Vancouver hospital on April 10, 1994.


Early Life[edit]

I can't remember much of it, due to my lack of memory powers.

Residence History[edit]

We first lived somewhere in Vancouver of which I can't remember, and then moved to a complex around Burnaby for 8 years or something. I went to Seaview Elementary School for grades K-5 (pre-school as well, though I don't remember much of it). We moved to Kamloops in the summer after grade 5 (the year I would have gone to middle school), and we resided in our aunt and uncle's basement area (which is more like a one-level house under another one-level house) for 2 years. We were then kicked out, for illegitimate reasons, and we then resided in a motel (RodeWay Inn) for a year (in my grade 8 year). After that, we finally moved into a complex, Spencer Court, finally having our own house (though only for rent). We've lived here since then, and will most likely live here for a while longer, until we can move down to Vancouver again.


I live a somewhat uneventful life, spending most of my time on the computer. I'm pretty controversial though, making me cool.


On September 2009, I found an AMV on Youtube which caught my attention, and thus sparked my interest in anime. The first anime I watched was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and then I started watching others. I've probably watched around 30 animes since then (some of which I've watched multiple times). I'm mostly into romance and horror genres, though not limited to them. Currently, my favourate is Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Clannad, and Shiki. I also like visual Novels, some of which have erotic content. Despite the hawt girls and whatnot, the ones I prefer are the ones with deep storylines. My favourite visual novels I've played are Saya no Uta, Yume Miru Kusuri, Ever 17: The Out of Infinity, and Clannad. Those also happen to be the only ones I've really played, due to the lack of English translations of visual novels. But they're awesome.


The first music I really listened to was music from animes, 'cause back then I was close minded to the world of music out there. Sometime in May 2010, I started getting into dubstep after visiting relatives in Vancouver (dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music). My cousin was showing my older brother dubstep songs by Cookie Monsta, who was (and still is) relevant to my interests. I used to really like him, but I lost most of my enthusiasm for him and moved onto Borgore, Burial, and Shackleton, whom of which are my favourites as of October 20th 2011. Recently (as of Oct 20), I got into a variety of other genres of music, like jazz and metal.

Physical Appearance[edit]

I look like a dirty Mexican. If dressed properly, I can look like a pedophile. I have long, curly hair (contains STDs), and tan skin. Despite my Mexican appearance, I am actually not Mexican. I am aboriginal and Danish. I'm tall, male, and have brown eyes. I am also skinny and have hairy legs, which add to my creepy appearance. Apparently, I give off stoner vibes, though I have never used marijuana. I can also make a really creepy face, which I would use foul language to emphasize how creepy it is, but I don't want to offend peoples.

Mental Appearance[edit]

I am mentally insane. It is of the more subtle and suppressed variety. Not literally. I suspect myself of having ADD, but there is no diagnosis. It would be cool to know whether I have it, or any other similar things, but I'm cool the way I am right now.

Your Face[edit]

I am writing this article mostly out of boredom, just so you know. Giving you a little idea into the awesomeness of Oskar, AKA Netugi (or Netufi).

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