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Container ships President Truman (IMO 8616283) and President Kennedy (IMO 8616295) at San Francisco.jpg This user is a member of the Maritime transport task force.

The US Merchant Marine symbol
The Evil Monkey that lives in my closet

I live in Katy, TX with my wife, we just moved here from Dover, NH since she just got a job working in the office for her oil company. I also own a vacation house in Osterville, MA.

I graduated Boston Latin School HS in 2001. I attended the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) from 2001-2005 where I got a BS in Marine Engineering.

I am in the United States Merchant Marine. I work through the Marine Engineer's Beneficial Association. I now hold a Chief Engineer's licence.

There is an Evil Monkey in my closet.

Work Experience[edit]

The following is a list of the various jobs I've held.

Chief Engineer[edit]

I have worked as a temporary Chief Engineer on various ferries with the Steamship Authority.

First Assistant Engineer[edit]

I have sailed as First Assistant Engineer on the USNS PFC Eugene A. Obregon (T-AK 3006).

I have also served as the First on the SS Denebola (T-AKR-289), part of the Maritime Administration's Ready Reserve Force.

I completed a round-the-world (Order of Magellan) trip as First Assistant on the Prestige New York working for Liberty Maritime. The trip included my first equator crossing (Shellback), my first visit to South America, my first Panama Canal passage (Order of the Ditch) and my first visit to Saudi Arabia, Korea, and China (they didn't let us ashore in China or Saudi, China because there are some US ports that don't let Chinese sailors ashore, Saudi b/c... well, they didn't tell us).

Second Assistant Engineer[edit]

U.S. Merchant Marine Expeditionary Medal

I sailed as Second Assistant Engineer on the MV CP Navigator. This was the last voyage of the Navigator as an American flag ship, upon our arrival in Houston, she became the Oslo Express and flies a foreign flag.

I sailed as Second on the Obregon and the Denebola before sailing First.

I sailed as Second on the MV Washington Express.

Third Assistant Engineer[edit]

I have sailed as Third Assistant Engineer on the following ships.

Watch Officer[edit]

I sailed as a Watch Officer on the USTS Enterprise's annual training cruise to the Carribean in Jan/Feb 2007.


As an MMA Cadet, I sailed with the school on the Empire State for two sea terms and one on the Enterprise. I also completed my Cadet Shipping on the M/V (now USNS) PFC Dewayne T. Williams for which service I earned the Merchant Marine Expiditionary Medal

Places I've Visited[edit]

On Ships[edit]

Note: "NSA" stands for "Naval Support Activity" and "NS" stands for "Naval Station" and are operations of the US Navy