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Main Interests[edit]

Particular interests in:

  • Emergency Medicine & Ambulance Care
  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire etc.)
  • First Aid
  • Equestrian

Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

Pages I Created[edit]

Fox hunt articles[edit]

Rugby articles[edit]

Nav Templates I made[edit]

Pages I made major contribution to[edit]

  • Aerial work platform - Overhauled this article, removing how-to and restructuring the article to improve readability dramatically. Also cut out a lot of duplication
  • Airway management - Added detail and restructured article
  • All England Jumping Course at Hickstead - Restructure and split off daughter articles for two main shows
  • Ambulance - Made major edits to this (about 80% of the article written or re-written), in order to make it in to an excellent resource article. Included splitting out country specific information
  • Artificial respiration - Major overhaul, including bringing in stubs from CPR Mask and Face shield
  • Automated external defibrillator - Added detail and tidied the article up to separate more from Defibrillation
  • AVPU - Added detail to this, making it no longer a stub (IMHO)
  • Bandage - Restructured to make better base for expansion
  • Battenburg markings - Overhauled this fairly new article, and uploaded images I created to illustrate
  • Bed rest - Merged with 'Bedrest' in to a single article, and added additional citations and tidy up
  • Bleeding - Rewrote large sections of this article, and added sections on types of bleeding cause
  • British Association for Immediate Care - This article was on the verge of a speedy delete after creation, but I rescued it to be a good article start
  • British Dressage - UK governing body for dressage
  • British Eventing - UK governing body for eventing
  • British Horse Society - Restructure
  • British Red Cross - Created structure and major copy editing
  • Caduceus - Major rewrite to this article to clear up ambiguity around usage (and overlap with rod of asclepius)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Added a lot of info, restructured and added loads of references
  • Choking - Major additions to this article. removal of lots of how to, and merged abdominal thrusts in
  • Defibrillation - Instigated merge with Defibrillator, and managed merge of two articles together to create one much better article with the support of other regular editors
  • Devon Air Ambulance - Asked to look at this by another EMS task force editor, added full inline citation and copy edited
  • Dressing (medical) - Structured article for expansion
  • Emergency action principles - Was entirely POV and instruction guide focused, and also entirely based on medical emergencies. 100% rewrite to make more encyclopaedic and more general
  • Emergency medical services - Tough challenge involving an almost total rewrite of a US focused article to reflect a global view
  • Emergency service - This was a very patchy article containing a list added to randomly, and some sub sections which weren't strictly relevant here. Now structured in to core, secondary and civil emergency services
  • Emergency vehicle equipment - Rearranged the structure to try and make this not only global, but add a technical edge
  • Emergency vehicle lighting - Complete overhaul, rewrite and significant addition of extra information and citations.
  • Fire - Restructured section on classifying fires
  • Fire apparatus - Following heavy work on police car and ambulance, i overhauled fire apparatus. Clearly separated out types of apparatus to distinguish for the lay reader
  • Fire prevention - Added table comparing European and US fire classfication systems
  • First aid - Quite a stubby article, so added lots of info and Wikilinks
  • First aid kit - Worked on article to try and make clear distinctions between types and bring some structure
  • Fox hunting - Very disjointed article with a lot of repetition and POV, tidied up and started adding much needed citations
  • Glasgow coma scale - Copy editing and tabulating main features
  • Horse teeth - Major overhaul
  • Kent Air Ambulance - Copy editing and best practice from other air ambulance articles
  • Kent International Airport - Airport on the site of RAF Manston (see above)
  • Lifeguard - Complete rewrite of Lifeguard article as it was not a single coherent view, but a collection of statements which didn't really link to together, and contained a lot of WP:OR
  • Monty Roberts - Significant improvements to article
  • Oropharyngeal airway - Overhaul on this article, including merging Guedal Pattern airway article in to it
  • OPQRST - Restructured to make it more readable and moved first person voice. Good basis for more expansion here
  • Oxygen therapy - Complete rewrite and restructure of this article
  • Natural horsemanship - Complete rewrite of POV and OR article
  • Nitrous oxide and oxygen - Complete rewrite and move away from focus on Entonox, which is a trade name. Added pictures (as gallery below).
  • Police car - Was a dreadful article, all split by country twice! Wrote significant amount of text to bring global and generic perspective
  • Police dog - Add much needed citations and some clean up
  • Police van - merged with colloquial article 'paddywagon' and edits
  • RHM - Added lots of company info while I worked there
  • Rod of asclepius - Restructured this article to make it easier to read, and adding additional information to separate from Caduceus
  • Rollkur - a controversial technique in horse training
  • Scott Mills - Radio 1 DJ - restructured and turned it in to more encyclopaedic article
  • Shire Horse - Major article overhaul, adding additional information and references
  • Simon says - Article overhaul, split out DAB page (Simon says (disambiguation))
  • Smelling salts - Changed stubby unreferenced article in to new structure with strong initial references
  • Star of life - added major information to this article, including explanatory picture

Pages I watch and edit[edit]

Images I've added[edit]

Images ported under Creative Commons from Flickr[edit]

Fair use images i've added[edit]

  • File:Cd ireland.jpg
  • File:Ilcor logo.gif
  • File:Resuscouncil flash.gif
  • File:RAF Manston.jpg
  • File:Edfenergy logo.gif
  • File:SPlogo.gif

My awards[edit]

Wow, I actually got a barnstar!

Barnstar-life.png The Barnstar of Life
The barnstar of life is hereby awarded to Owain.davies for a particularly fine job of creating and editing the article emergency. The Transhumanist    20:03, 15 May 2007 (UTC)
Barnstar of Life.png The Medicine Barnstar
For your hard work improving the quality of EMS and fire-related aritcles, I hereby award you this medicine barnstar. Thanks also for taking time to work with and provide guidance to new users while ensuring quality content. delldot talk 19:38, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

To-do list[edit]