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Incarnation of XLinkBot
— Wikipedian —
Name Puma Sajuk
Dude Sajuk
Education and employment
Occupation Wikipedian, user

Hello, I am SITHEAD, Puma Sajuk, The Incarnation of XLinkBot or Dude Sajuk, for I am a Wikipedian.

True Career[edit]

I'm actually an idiot.

and thanks to The Wikipedia for all its users that made good articles.

Learn more about me on Commons, and at the bottom for my favorite 80s song Billie Jean. Well... Not good to tell all my personelle...

Participation & my life[edit]

I have been participating on Wikipedia since 2012. I'm gay, but unfortunately I do not make inappropriate articles. You can talk to me on my talk page, I have time to reply to you. I have known Wikipedia since late 2012, I just can't remember what day I joined. I also work for Commons and Wikivoyage. So I've been great with Wikipedia, yet I do have a habit of not remembering to write test articles in my sandbox. The main page has great ideas from users, so like Wikipedia's featured articles are amazing. So, I say I am the incarnation of XLinkBot, because he expanded my article of Kumarason Chinnadurai. So, I'm his big devotee. So, great job for making a expanding Wikipedia dudes!

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Dude Sajuk is the incarnation of User:XLinkBot.
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