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Randolph, the Naked Wikipedia User.

The User page of Randolph, also known as the Naked Wikipedia User.

Well, I've started to settle down and feel like part of the furniture around here now. I'm becoming more competent in formatting pages 'wikistyle', and also gaining some competence in the procedures for vfd nominations and copyright violations. I'm just experimenting tonight with using mozex to edit an article in a text editor. I'm using NoteTab Light, with wiki clips loaded. I'm going to expand the wiki clips to automate adding all those obscure stub categories templates that I can never quite remember at the times when I need them.

POV controversies[edit]

I happened to stumble into a POV debate yesterday after finding an new article talking about a pseudoscientific creationist theory. I felt I was fairly neutral on the subject and was quite surprised to see the over-zealous behavior on both sides of the debate. There are some subjects on wikipedia that are best avoided I feel, at least for someone of my temperament. The overly religious are often labelled as zealots, but I am now unavoidably aware of the zealotry of the irreligious.

Pending Task[edit]

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Articles that I have an interest in[edit]


Local Area
Gold Coast Palm Beach Robina Southport Surfers Paradise Main Beach Currumbin Mudgeeraba
Nerang Burleigh Heads Darwin Broadbeach James Cavill Johan Meyer Melbourne Springbrook Nt Pk.

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Philosophical and religious themes[edit]

Philosophical and Religious
Existentialism Kierkegaard Liberal Christianity Karl Barth Neo-orthodoxy Biblical inspiration Paul Tillich Karen Armstrong


Obscure templates[edit]

  • {{people-wikify}} template. (I ran across this one lately will doing the rounds of the article to be improved)
  • {{inuse}}


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This project creates new articles and improves neglected ones.

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