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B roads in GB[edit]


Ab Kettleby, Leicestershire - Allexton, Leicestershire - Anstey, Leicestershire - Appleby Magna, Leicestershire - Appleby Parva, Leicestershire - Arnesby, Leicestershire - Asfordby, Leicestershire - Asfordby Hill, Leicestershire - Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire - Ashby Folville, Leicestershire - Ashby Magna, Leicestershire - Ashby Parva, Leicestershire - Aston Flamville, Leicestershire - Bagworth, Leicestershire - Bardon, Leicestershire - Barkby, Leicestershire - Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire - Barkestone-le-Vale, Leicestershire - Barlestone, Leicestershire - Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire - Barsby, Leicestershire - Barton in the Beans, Leicestershire - Barwell, Leicestershire - Beeby, Leicestershire - Belton, Leicestershire - Belvoir, Leicestershire - Billesdon, Leicestershire - Bilstone, Leicestershire - Birstall, Leicestershire - Bitteswell, Leicestershire - Blaby, Leicestershire - Blackfordby, Leicestershire - Blaston, Leicestershire - Botcheston, Leicestershire - Bottesford, Leicestershire - Branston, Leicestershire - Brascote, Leicestershire, Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire - Brentingby, Leicestershire - Bringhurst, Leicestershire - Brooksby, Leicestershire - Broughton Astley, Leicestershire - Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire - Buckminster, Leicestershire - Burbage, Leicestershire - Burrough on the Hill, Leicestershire - Burton Lazars, Leicestershire - Burton on the Wolds, Leicestershire - Burton Overy, Leicestershire - Bushby, Leicestershire - Cadeby, Leicestershire - Carlton, Leicestershire - Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire - Catthorpe, Leicestershire - Chadwell, Leicestershire - Chilcote, Leicestershire - Church Langton, Leicestershire - Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire - Claybrooke Parva, Leicestershire - Coalville, Leicestershire - Cold Newton, Leicestershire - Cold Overton, Leicestershire - Coleorton, Leicestershire - Congerstone, Leicestershire - Copt Oak, Leicestershire - Cosby, Leicestershire - Cossington, Leicestershire - Coston, Leicestershire - Cotes, Leicestershire - Cotesbach, Leicestershire - Countes-thorpe, Leicestershire - Cranoe, Leicestershire - Croft, Leicestershire - Cropston, Leicestershire - Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire - Dadlington, Leicestershire - Desford, Leicestershire - Diseworth, Leicestershire - Donington le Heath, Leicestershire - Donisthorpe, Leicestershire - Drayton, Leicestershire - Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire - Earl Shilton, Leicestershire - East Goscote, Leicestershire - East Langton, Leicestershire - East Norton, Leicestershire - Easthorpe, Leicestershire - Eastwell, Leicestershire - Eaton, Leicestershire - Edmondthorpe, Leicestershire - Ellistown, Leicestershire - Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire - Enderby, Leicestershire - Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire - Field Head, Leicestershire - Fleckney, Leicestershire - Foxton, Leicestershire - Freeby, Leicestershire - Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire - Frolesworth, Leicestershire - Gaddesby, Leicestershire - Garthorpe, Leicestershire - Gaulby, Leicestershire - Gilmorton, Leicestershire - Glen Parva, Leicestershire - Glooston, Leicestershire - Goadby, Leicestershire - Goadby Marwood, Leicestershire - Great Bowden, Leicestershire - Great Dalby, Leicestershire - Great Easton, Leicestershire - Great Glen, Leicestershire - Grimston, Leicestershire - Groby, Leicestershire - Gumley, Leicestershire - Hallaton, Leicestershire - Halstead, Leicestershire - Harby, Leicestershire - Harston, Leicestershire - Hathern, Leicestershire - Heather, Leicestershire - Hemington, Leicestershire - Higham on the Hill, Leicestershire - Hinckley, Leicestershire - Hoby, Leicestershire - Holwell, Leicestershire - Horninghold, Leicestershire - Hose, Leicestershire - Hoton, Leicestershire - Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire - Hugglescote, Leicestershire - Huncote, Leicestershire - Hungarton, Leicestershire - Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire - Ibstock, Leicestershire - Illston on the Hill, Leicestershire - Isley Walton, Leicestershire - Kegworth, Leicestershire - Keyham, Leicestershire - Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire - Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire - Kilby, Leicestershire - Kimcote, Leicestershire - King's Norton, Leicestershire - Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire - Kirkby Bellars, Leicestershire - Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire - Knipton, Leicestershire - Knossington, Leicestershire - Laughton, Leicestershire - Leire, Leicestershire - Little Bowden, Leicestershire - Little Dalby, Leicestershire - Little Stretton, Leicestershire - Lockington, Leicestershire - Loddington, Leicestershire - Long Clawson, Leicestershire - Long Whatton, Leicestershire - Loughborough, Leicestershire - Lount, Leicestershire - Lowesby, Leicestershire - Lubenham, Leicestershire - Lutterworth, Leicestershire - Marefield, Leicestershire - Market Bosworth, Leicestershire - Market Harborough, Leicestershire - Markfield, Leicestershire - Measham, Leicestershire - Medbourne, Leicestershire - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire - Misterton, Leicestershire - Moira, Leicestershire - Mountsorrel, Leicestershire - Mowsley, Leicestershire - Muston, Leicestershire - Nailstone, Leicestershire - Nanpantan, Leicestershire - Narborough, Leicestershire - Nether Broughton, Leicestershire - Nevill Holt, Leicestershire - Newbold, Leicestershire - Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire - Newton Burgoland, Leicestershire - Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire - Newtown Linford, Leicestershire - Newtown Unthank, Leicestershire - Normanton, Leicestershire - Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire - Norris Hill, Leicestershire - North Kilworth, Leicestershire - Norton-Juxta-Twycross, Leicestershire - Noseley, Leicestershire - Oadby, Leicestershire - Oakthorpe, Leicestershire - Odstone, Leicestershire - Old Dalby, Leicestershire - Orton-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire - Osbaston, Leicestershire - Osgathorpe, Leicestershire - Owston, Leicestershire - Packington, Leicestershire - Peatling Magna, Leicestershire - Peatling Parva, Leicestershire - Peckleton, Leicestershire - Pickwell, Leicestershire - Plungar, Leicestershire - Prestwold, Leicestershire - Primethorpe, Leicestershire - Queniborough, Leicestershire - Quorn, Leicestershire - Ragdale, Leicestershire - Ratby, Leicestershire - Ratcliffe Culey, Leicestershire - Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicestershire - Ravenstone, Leicestershire - Rearsby, Leicestershire - Redmile, Leicestershire - Rolleston, Leicestershire - Rotherby, Leicestershire - Rothley, Leicestershire - Saddington, Leicestershire - Saltby, Leicestershire - Sapcote, Leicestershire - Saxby, Leicestershire - Saxelbye, Leicestershire - Scalford, Leicestershire - Scraptoft, Leicestershire - Seagrave, Leicestershire - Sewstern, Leicestershire - Shackerstone, Leicestershire - Shangton, Leicestershire - Sharnford, Leicestershire - Shawell, Leicestershire - Shearsby, Leicestershire - Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire - Sheepy Parva, Leicestershire - Shenton, Leicestershire - Shepshed, Leicestershire - Sibson, Leicestershire - Sileby, Leicestershire - Skeffington, Leicestershire - Slawston, Leicestershire - Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire - Snarestone, Leicestershire - Snibston, Leicestershire - Somerby, Leicestershire - South Croxton, Leicestershire - South Kilworth, Leicestershire - South Wigston, Leicestershire - Sproxton, Leicestershire - Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire - Stapleford, Leicestershire - Stapleton, Leicestershire - Stathern, Leicestershire - Staunton Harold, Leicestershire - Stockerston, Leicestershire - Stoke Golding, Leicestershire - Stonesby, Leicestershire - Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire - Stonton Wyville, Leicestershire - Stoughton, Leicestershire - Stretton en le Field, Leicestershire - Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire - Sutton in the Elms, Leicestershire - Swannington, Leicestershire - Swepstone, Leicestershire - Swinford, Leicestershire - Swithland, Leicestershire - Syston, Leicestershire - Theddingworth, Leicestershire - Thornton, Leicestershire - Thorpe Acre, Leicestershire - Thorpe Arnold, Leicestershire - Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire - Thorpe Satchville, Leicestershire - Thringstone, Leicestershire - Thrussington, Leicestershire - Thurcaston, Leicestershire - Thurlaston, Leicestershire - Thurmaston, Leicestershire - Thurnby, Leicestershire - Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire - Tonge, Leicestershire - Tugby, Leicestershire - Tur Langton, Leicestershire - Twycross, Leicestershire - Twyford, Leicestershire - Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire - Walcote, Leicestershire - Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire - Walton, Leicestershire - Walton on the Wolds, Leicestershire - Wanlip, Leicestershire - Wartnaby, Leicestershire - Welham, Leicestershire - Wellsborough, Leicestershire - Whetstone, Leicestershire - Whitwick, Leicestershire - Wigston, Leicestershire - Wigston Parva, Leicestershire - Willoughby Waterleys, Leicestershire - Wilson, Leicestershire - Withcote, Leicestershire - Witherley, Leicestershire - Woodhouse, Leicestershire - Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire - Woodthorpe, Leicestershire - Worthington, Leicestershire - Wycomb, Leicestershire - Wymeswold, Leicestershire - Wymondham, Leicestershire

1851 Ecclesiastical parishes in Leics[edit]

Ab Kettleby, Leicestershire, Alexton, Leicestershire, Anstey, Leicestershire, Anstey Pastures, Leicestershire, Appleby, Leicestershire, Arnesby, Leicestershire, Asfordby, Leicestershire, Ashby Folville, Leicestershire, [[ Ashby Magna, Leicestershire]], Ashby Parva, Leicestershire, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, Ashby de la Zouch Holy Trinity, Leicestershire, Aston Flamville, Leicestershire, Aylestone, Leicestershire, Bagworth, Leicestershire, Bardon, Leicestershire, Barkby, Leicestershire, Barkby Thorpe, Leicestershire, Barkestone, Leicestershire, Barlestone, Leicestershire, Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, Barsby, Leicestershire, Barwell, Leicestershire, Beaumont Leys, Leicestershire, Beeby, Leicestershire, Belgrave, Leicestershire, Belton, Leicestershire, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, Bescaby, Leicestershire, Billesdon, Leicestershire, Bilstone, Leicestershire, Birstall, Leicestershire, Bitteswell, Leicestershire, Blaby, Leicestershire, Blaston, Leicestershire, Bottesford, Leicestershire, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, Branston, Leicestershire, Braunstone, Leicestershire, Braunstone Frith, Leicestershire, Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire, Bringhurst, Leicestershire, Brooksby, Leicestershire, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, Buckminster, Leicestershire, Burbage, Leicestershire, Burrough on the Hill, Leicestershire, Burton Overy, Leicestershire, Cadeby, Leicestershire, Carlton, Leicestershire, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, Castle Donington, Leicestershire, Catthorpe, Leicestershire, Charley, Leicestershire, Church Langton, Leicestershire, Claybrooke, Leicestershire, Coalville, Leicestershire, Cold Overton, Leicestershire, Cole Orton, Leicestershire, Congerstone, Leicestershire, Cosby, Leicestershire, Cossington, Leicestershire, Coston, Leicestershire, Cotesbach, Leicestershire, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, Cranoe, Leicestershire, Croft, Leicestershire, Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire, Dadlington, Leicestershire, Desford, Leicestershire, Diseworth, Leicestershire, Dishley, Leicestershire, Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire, East Norton, Leicestershire,Eastwell, Leicestershire, Eaton, Leicestershire, Edmondthorpe, Leicestershire, Elmersthorpe, Leicestershire, Enderby, Leicestershire, Evington, Leicestershire, Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, Fleckney, Leicestershire, Foston, Leicestershire, Foxton, Leicestershire, Freakes Ground, Leicestershire, Freeby, Leicestershire, Frisby, Leicestershire, Frisby on the Wreak, Leicestershire, Frolesworth, Leicestershire, Gaddesby, Leicestershire, Garendon, Leicestershire, Garthorpe, Leicestershire, Gaulby, Leicestershire, Gilmorton, Leicestershire, Gilroes, Leicestershire, Glen Magna, Leicestershire, Glen Parva, Leicestershire, Glenfield, Leicestershire, Glenfield Frith, Leicestershire, Glooston, Leicestershire, Goadby, Leicestershire, Goadby Marwood, Leicestershire, Gopsall, Leicestershire, Great Bowden, Leicestershire, Dalby, Great, Leicestershire, Great Easton, Leicestershire, Great Wigston, Leicestershire, Grimston, Leicestershire, Gumley, Leicestershire, Hallaton, Leicestershire, Harby, Leicestershire, Harston, Leicestershire, Hathern, Leicestershire, Heather, Leicestershire, Higham on the Hill, Leicestershire, Hinckley, Leicestershire, Hinckley Holy Trinity, Leicestershire, Hoby, Leicestershire, Holt, Leicestershire, Holwell, Leicestershire, Horninghold, Leicestershire, Hose, Leicestershire, Hoton, Leicestershire, Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire, Hugglescote and Donington, Leicestershire, Humberstone, Leicestershire, Hungarton with Twyford and Thorpe Satchville, Leicestershire, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, Ibstock, Leicestershire, Ilston on the Hill, Leicestershire, Isley Walton, Leicestershire, Kegworth, Leicestershire, Keyham, Leicestershire, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, Kilby, Leicestershire, Kimcote, Leicestershire, King's Norton, Leicestershire, Kirby Bellars, Leicestershire, Kirby Frith, Leicestershire, Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire, Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire, Knaptoft, Leicestershire, Knighton, Leicestershire, Knipton, Leicestershire, Knoll and Bassett House, Leicestershire, Knossington, Leicestershire, Langley Priory, Leicestershire, Laughton, Leicestershire, Launde Abbey, Leicestershire, Leicester Abbey, Leicestershire, Leicester All Saints, Leicestershire, Leicester Augustine Friars, Leicestershire, Leicester Blackfriars, Leicestershire, Leicester Christ Church, Leicestershire, Leicester Forest East, Leicestershire, Leicester Forest West, Leicestershire, Leicester Frith, Leicestershire, Leicester Holy Trinity, Leicestershire, Leicester New Found Pool, Leicestershire, Leicester St George, Leicestershire, Leicester St Margaret, Leicestershire, Leicester St Martin, Leicestershire, Leicester St Mary, Leicestershire, Leicester St Nicholas, Leicestershire, Leicester the Castle View, Leicestershire, Leire, Leicestershire, Dalby, Little, Leicestershire, Lockington, Leicestershire, Loddington, Leicestershire, Long Clawson, Leicestershire, Long Whatton, Leicestershire, Loughborough, Leicestershire, Loughborough Emmanuel, Leicestershire, Lowesby, Leicestershire, Lubbesthorpe, Leicestershire, Lubenham, Leicestershire, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, Markfield, Leicestershire, Medbourne, Leicestershire, Melton Mowbray with Burton Lazars, Freeby, Sysonby and Welby, Leicestershire, Merevale, Leicestershire, Misterton, Leicestershire, Monks Kirby, Leicestershire, Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, Mountsorrel Christ Church, Leicestershire, Mowsley, Leicestershire, Muston, Leicestershire, Nailstone, Leicestershire, Narborough, Leicestershire, Nether Broughton, Leicestershire, New Parks, Leicestershire, Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, Newton Harcourt, Leicestershire, Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire, North Kilworth, Leicestershire, North Thurmaston, Leicestershire, Norton juxta Twycross, Leicestershire, Noseley, Leicestershire, Oadby, Leicestershire, Dalby, Old, Leicestershire, Orton on the Hill, Leicestershire, Osgathorpe, Leicestershire, Owston, Leicestershire, Packington, Leicestershire, Peatling Parva, Leicestershire, Peckleton, Leicestershire, Pickwell, Leicestershire, Plungar, Leicestershire, Potters Marston, Leicestershire, Prestwold, Leicestershire, Queniborough, Leicestershire, Quorn, Leicestershire, Ragdale, Leicestershire, Ratby cum Groby, Leicestershire, Ratcliffe Culey, Leicestershire, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Leicestershire, Ravenstone, Leicestershire, Rearsby, Leicestershire, Redmile, Leicestershire, Rolleston, Leicestershire, Rotherby, Leicestershire, Rothley, Leicestershire, Rothley Temple, Leicestershire, Saddington, Leicestershire, Saltby, Leicestershire, Sapcote, Leicestershire, Saxby, Leicestershire, Saxelby, Leicestershire, Scalford, Leicestershire, Scraptoft, Leicestershire, Seagrave, Leicestershire, Seal, Leicestershire, Sewstern, Leicestershire, Shackerstone, Leicestershire, Shangton, Leicestershire, Sharnford, Leicestershire, Shawell, Leicestershire, Shearsby, Leicestershire, Sheepshed, Leicestershire, Sheepy, Leicestershire, Shenton, Leicestershire, Shoby, Leicestershire, Sibson, Leicestershire, Sileby, Leicestershire, Skeffington, Leicestershire, Slawston, Leicestershire, Snarestone, Leicestershire, Snibston, Leicestershire, Somerby, Leicestershire, South Croxton, Leicestershire, South Kilworth, Leicestershire, Sproxton, Leicestershire, Stanton under Bardon, Leicestershire, Stapleford, Leicestershire, Stapleton, Leicestershire, Stathern, Leicestershire, Staunton Harold, Leicestershire, Stockerston, Leicestershire, Stoke Dry, Leicestershire, Stoke Golding, Leicestershire, Stonesby, Leicestershire, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, Stonton Wyville, Leicestershire, Stoughton, Leicestershire, Stretton Magna, Leicestershire, Stretton Parva, Leicestershire, Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire, Swannington, Leicestershire, Swepstone, Leicestershire, Swinford, Leicestershire, Swithland, Leicestershire, Syston, Leicestershire, Theddingworth, Leicestershire, Thornton, Leicestershire, Thorpe Acre, Leicestershire, Thorpe Arnold, Leicestershire, Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire, Thringstone, Leicestershire, Thrussington, Leicestershire, Thurcaston, Leicestershire, Thurlaston, Leicestershire, Thurmaston, Leicestershire, Thurnby, Leicestershire, Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire, Tugby, Leicestershire, Tur Langton, Leicestershire, Twycross, Leicestershire, Ulverscroft, Leicestershire, Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire, Walton, Leicestershire, Walton le Wolds, Leicestershire, Wanlip, Leicestershire, Wartnaby, Leicestershire, Welby, Leicestershire, Welham, Leicestershire, West Langton, Leicestershire, Westrill and Starmore, Leicestershire, Whetstone, Leicestershire, Whitwick, Leicestershire, Wigston Parva, Leicestershire, Willoughby Waterless with Peatling Magna, Leicestershire, Wistow, Leicestershire, Withcote, Leicestershire, Witherley, Leicestershire, Woodhouse, Leicestershire, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, Woodville, Leicestershire, Worthington, Leicestershire, Wyfordby, Leicestershire, Wymeswold, Leicestershire, Wymondham, Leicestershire

HKH watch[edit]

Badminton School Botton Breaksea Point Bubbenhall CIL Castleton Castleton, North Yorkshire Castleton (disambiguation) Clifford Truesdell Commissioners of Irish Lights Danby, North Yorkshire Duchy of Brittany Duke of Brittany Dullsville EBay ETRS89 Earl of Albemarle Earl of Yorkshire Flat Head Fountainwell Fryup Gartree Road George Drouillard Global 200 Great Fryup Dale Hens and Kelly Huntingdonshire John Ball (Puritan) Joyce Randolph List of show business families Little Fryup Dale Luna Park Luna Park (disambiguation) Middleton Stoney Mike d'Abo Miriam Stoppard Northern England Old Sarum Pinkston Plas Cymyran Pont Nedd Fechan Pontneddfechan Ramsey Abbey Resalat Rhosneigr Sausage and mash Shapwick, Somerset St Mary's Hall St Mary's Hall, Oxford St Mary Hall, Oxford Stoney Middleton Streonshalch Abbey Thornton Abbey Trecastle Via Devana WRP Wali of Swat William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury William de Longespee, 3rd Earl of Salisbury William de Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College Wāli of Swat User:Hiram K Hackenbacker