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cHeb was a power duo garage band formed in 1993 from the ashes of the punk band Cannibal Ice-cream Truck. It's members included Patrick M. O'Hara on guitar and Stephen Barry on drums. Throughout their breif existance, they were occasionally joined by other artists such as Dumont, NJ's Zepoldor on guitar, Staten Island's Michael Speranza on Vocals, and on one occasion Snoop Dogg. Only one compilation of unproduced tracks ever made it to a single master tape. Originally slated to be released on the now defunct Slobber Bob Records label, the tape eventually made its way to little known Zepol Studios, where an attempt at remastering and digitizing the tracks for release was made. However, a lack of funds and the closing of studio led to the loss of the recordings. Surprisingly, the digitized tracks were found on a computer drive in late 2002 and have since gone viral leading to a protracted but very real resurgance of the bands popurlarity. On March 1, 2010, an unnamed source leaked the news that the band was contemplating a reunion tour for the summer of 2010. No dates or locations have yet been released.


Pat and Steve were classmates at Malvern Preparatory School, a small private school in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. In 9th grade, Pat and Steve, along with fellow classmates Patrick Bresnan, Peter Larsen, and Rufus Jennings formed a band that would later be known as Cannibal Ice-cream Truck. After many line up changes and infighting, the band split, but Pat & Steve continued to play, unknowingly forming one of the first power duos of the early 1990's. They recorded their practices constantly, honing in on 5 to 6 key songs, but composing pieces of countless other uncompleted tracks. Attempts at professional recording were often dashed by lack of funds or school dances. Patrick decided to start his own Record Label, Slober Bob Records. The idea was, much like the inspirational Sublime had done, to start their own label to release their own material. The label existed in name only, and the release of the much anticipated album never occurred. The multiple recordings which had been made were compiled onto one master tape

Salad Days and Break-up[edit]

Eventually, both men graduated high-school, and as luck would have it, they both made the decision to matriculate at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Their attempts to keep the band together were often met with the difficulties that not only rock stars, but many college students face, mainly alcohol and women. Occasional recordings of their jam sessions during this time were made, one notable one being the team up with Zepoldor and Michael Speranza to create the improvised classic "Latino". After the disbandment of the highly influential yet unsigned grindcore heroes JFK (Jargon For Kids) and the acoustic folk group A Place To Die; Zepoldor teamed up with Stephen and Pat in the final, yet classic, incarnation of cHeb. However, try as they might, their musical aspirations were put on the back burner. Just days after Zepoldor became a full member of the band; Patrick left Marist College due to an alleged bizarre incident involving another student; forever remembered in the Powerviolence homage called "Josh Silver (I Want To Kill Ya)". When Pat left Marist in the Spring of 1998, the band essentially broke-up.


Pat relocated to Ocean City, NJ to help run his family business. Steve finished college and returned to the Philadelphia area in late 2000. The two had remained close, and upon Steve's return to the area, they quickly developed a desire to begin playing again. But the constraints of post school-life, as well as their geographical locations made practicing and recording difficult. Regardless, during this time more recordings were made, though much more sparse than during the bands heyday.

These additional recordings, along with the original much coveted master tape, eventually ended up in the hands of an unknown Music Producer known only as Zep, of Zepol Studios. As legend has it, it was Zepol's desire to remaster and digitize the tracks for release as a single album of all of the bands original work. The dream never came to fruition, and th studio mysteriously closed in the mid 2000's.

Miraculously, the digitized tracks were discovered on a computer in the later part of the decade, and through a mysterious and unprompted viral campaign, the tracks found their way throughout the internet. The now defunct bands popularity grew quietly for the next few years, and at the turn of the decade, a small underground movement began clammoring for a reunion.

Reunion and the Future[edit]

On March 13, 2012, an unnamed source reported that the two men had secretly decided to attempt a reunion tour for the Summer of 2012. No dates or locations have been set, but it is speculated that the tour will focus on the eastern seaboard, mainly in the southern New Jersey shores area. Though some larger venues do exist, it is rumoured that the band is desirous of playing small bars and clubs.

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