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Yes, I'm still planning to write Climate of Denver. I get distracted easily, sorry.

Weather and climate

Mostly putting this here for my own use .... User:Soap/climate

Record low of -9F at Anaktuvuk_Pass,_Alaska#Climate on 9/26/2021 but it may be a different station.


See /poems.

Procter & Gamble makes Pampers and
Sheets you can put in your hampers and
Beauty and shaving supplies,
But their diapers win first prize
And that's why their name has an ampersand.

Facts about nature

Entognatha is the wingless, callow arthropod clade. Seashells evolved several times ... for example, once as seashells proper and once as foraminifera.

Humans are the world's only lactoparasite, but other animals eat the eggs of different species.

Although tadpoles carry many parasites, lake trout and other tadpolophagous fish seem largely unaffected.

Enteroxenos is the snail that is "little more than a string of gonads".

Humans are natural

Humans have relatively unarmoured appendages and are neither able to defend themselves well nor feed themselves efficiently with their hands and mouth. Tools such as cultellus cucini are grasped delicately with the hands and then held in place by several soft fingers. The tools are used in ritual combat, but primarily are used cut through tough food items which the human scrapes off for further processing in a fire. Human skin is highly vulnerable, so humans wear clothes for protection from the elements. Humans often dream at night, and by the morning, although their eyes are not yet fully opened, they have already grasped hold of their devices.

Mullerian mimicry

Many different prey of the same predator could all employ their own warning signals, but this would make no sense for any party. If they could all agree on a common warning signal, the predator would have fewer detrimental experiences, and the prey would lose fewer individuals educating it. No such conference needs to take place, as a prey species that just so happens to look a little like an unprofitable[a] species will be safer than its conspecifics, enabling natural selection to drive the prey species toward a single warning language.

Other ideas

Let's give Parapropalaehoplophorus septentrionalis the award for longest binomial name. Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides is longer only because most of the first word is repeated within the second word.


ru:Робрека may be the Robozero over which the 1663 UFO sighting took place. Information about it is surprisingly hard to find and I am questioning whether it even happened. One source says it was in 1666 instead, but this may be a conflation with this.

ough place names

There was also Nandtaughtacund .

Thoughts from the Deep

Sunàqwa the Sea Lamprey asks:
Why do mobile cameras produce pictures shaped like the screen, even though they all have round lenses? Lampreia.JPG


Richtown is rich in poor people, but poor in rich people. Poortown is rich in rich people and poor in poor people. Poortown's poor are richer than Richtown's poor but poorer than Richtown's rich. Some say Poortown's richer poor are poorer than the poorest Richtown rich, but Poortown's mayor, Ed Poor, claims Richtown's richest poor are poorer than the richest Poortown poor.

Poortown and Richtown pave their walks with pitch. Richtown mayor Ed Rich knows that the poorest Richtown rich are richer in pitch than the richest Poortown poor, but wonders which town's poor are richer in pitch: the poorer poor in pitch-rich-rich-rich Richtown or the richer poor in pitch-poor-poor-poor Poortown?

Gallery of interests

Round things resemble breasts; they are generally more attractive to pacific temperaments than straight lines and hard corners. -- Xiong

Other interests

I sometimes contribute climate data, particularly for places with unusual climates and places I've lived or visited before. I may adopt other interests only to drop them months later, though I still check in with edits I've made in the past. For example, I will probably never get around to finishing the parasitism project I started in 2017, as I was unable to work on it for over two years and had completely lost interest when I got free time again.

I might create an article for bath toys. Or one for monastic beer (perhaps abbey brew, monastery brew or some other title would be better). Soap 03:48, 24 April 2020 (UTC)

composite memory seems not to mean what I thought it does; its possible false memory includes what Im thinking of.


My mobile account is user:Lollipop. I actually had that username before this one, but I was much more interested in getting this name, so I "usurped" the old inactive Soap (who had never edited at all) and ended up with both names. I am much less active than I once was, and I don't really need two short names, so I would be willing to give up Lollipop if offered a reasonable request.

I am old enough to remember when Edmonton had a January low of —8°F. The eastern slope of the Rockies seems to have warmed up more than anyplace else, contrary to my intuition that it would warm up the least because cold spells already miss the area most of the time.

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