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Killer Holiday is an American thriller-horror film directed by Marty Thomas scripted by Jon Zuber and produced by Marty Thomas, Jon Zuber, Michael Copon, and Tonya Mantooth. The film is currently in production.[1] The film stars Michael Copon as a complex sympathetic serial killer, Melvin “Spider” Holiday.[2]

In the film, eight 17-year olds head out for a Spring Break vacation hoping for the time of their lives. Video game celebrity Rachel Lara[3] stars as Taylor.[4] Alex Mandel, son of comedian Howie Mandel, plays the role of Derrick.[5]

Director Marty Thomas owns the Ridiculous Pictures film company. He is probably best known for having written, produced and directed more than 150 MTV/BET/VH1 music videos to date, with many number 1 hits.[6] He has worked with many top artists including Game, Xzibit, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice Cube, Jada Pinkett, Jade, Bow Wow, Keane, Eazy-E, Naughty By Nature, Tupac Shakur, Madonna, Skee-Lo, and Disney's Anna Margaret, Ashley Tisdale, Justin Stein and Corbin Bleu.


In a shocking opening, Taylor, a 17 year old drop-dead gorgeous former juvenile delinquent is oblivious as her parents are brutally murdered while she and her friends set out on a Spring Break road trip. Ignoring evil premonitions from Taylor’s straight-A student friend Cammi, the group of eight 17 year olds party on as they get farther and farther away from civilization along old Route 66 with a killer in pursuit.

Anxiety builds for Cammi, as each stop along the way proves stranger and stranger than the last until the group is lured to their final desert destination—a decrepit abandoned amusement park from the 1960s. The group soon discovers that the park comes complete with a junkyard full of broken-down classic carnival rides, shocking surprises, surreal ghost sheep, the smell of death, and an enticing, young, tattooed serial killer named Spider.

True to his name, Spider takes sick pleasure spinning a sticky web of horror for each of his victims, leaving Cammi for last. A final confrontation reveals Spider’s true motivations for his plan and spins Cammi’s world upside down in a surprising and sinister twist. With her very sanity put to the test Cammi traps Spider and escapes, only to discover that Spider will always be near and with her forever.

Media Coverage[edit]

The production of Killer Holiday has been covered by many news sources including The Independent,[7] Entertainment Tonight Canada,[8] JoBlo Movie Network,[9] celebrity DJ Chad Taylor of radio stations KUYY and KUOO,[10] World News[11] and NME.[12] The creative team of Killer Holiday attended the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 to meet with potential distributors. There was a lot of buzz about the movie as Michael Copon was featured in the new Kardashian spin-off, Kourtney and Kim Take New York that week.[13] E!'s Kourtney and Kim Take New York premiere drew 3 million viewers on the first night it aired, making it the most-watched opener of the sister series to date.[14] E! scheduled an interview with Michael Copon while at Sundance to ask about his relationship with Kim Kardashian as well as his role as a producer and star of an independent film, Killer Holiday. This E! show was taped on January 23, 2011.

Killer Holiday is also notable for its innovative social media marketing strategy.[15] The producers have built a large fan base through non-traditional media in advance of the movie's premier including a YouTube channel,[16] actors regularly Tweeting about the movie on their Twitter pages, and multiple related Facebook pages. At one point, "Michael Copon" was one of the top 10 topics/trends on Twitter.[17]


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