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Life Before The Internet[edit]

Early Internet Life: "Old" FESS and FEF[edit]

Pre-FEP: Ripping Sprites at Flaming Emblem[edit]

  • In April 2004, SaS offered to give his sprite ripping skillz to Flaming Emblem.
  • Seeing that the young spriter had great skill, he was granted a staff position at the site.
  • Here he met XtreameDayz, who would be come a close friend, and important for his future career in the FE community.
  • Following the site's death in June 2004, SaS, Dutchbest left Flaming Emblem to be staff at XtreameDayz's site, Fire Emblem Planet, which was on the verge of a new domain, a new host, and a new life.[edit]

  • In June 2004, officially opened (not the official opening of the site, only of that domain), with SaS, DB and XD as it's staffers, and forum's administrators as well.
  • SaS was the fourth member to join the forums, preceeded by XtreameDayz, Dutchbest, and HizakiHitori.
  • SaS had no experience running a forum, and during the first month or two, often lost and regained his powers over night due to silly disputes with RP Moderator, HizakiHitori.
  • SaS continued to rip sprites, as well as being a content writer and forum administrator, and helping with many other tasks untill late summer 2005.
  • In the summer of 2005, during a forum argument over the Role Play, SaS deleted the much more popular and played half of it (thinking the backup he had previously made would be able to restore it).
  • Following this incident, SaS decided he no longer wanted to be an administrator, and quit his post.
  • SaS's activity would continue to decrease after this, and eventually, part way through December 2005, he would unofficially leave the FE community.'s fall and the rise of[edit]

  • SaS continued a lack of communication with the FE community all through the first few months of 2006. Once and a while he would check out the forums, and later after fell, their Invision Free forums, to see what was happening.
  • Just over a week after the move from Invision Free to, he joined under a different name, Stewie89, reflecting his obsession of Stewie from the show Family Guy, wanting to start fresh. He was the 84th member to join this time.
  • After lurking in the shadows for 20 or so days, SaS revealed his true identity to administrators Exxeh (XtreameDayz) and Vyhter.
  • Nowadays, SaS is still a high-profile member of FEP, and writes some game content for the website, however, has chosen to remain powerless in the forums.

SaS offline today[edit]