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Name TheHYPO
Current location Toronto, Canada
Contact info
Website RIOS

Hello there. This is my user page. Isn't this fun?

About Me[edit]

There's not much to say; I tend to one-stop edit in order to improve articles. There are a few I follow; mainly Barenaked Ladies and related articles. I am gradually increasing my purview. I take a passing interest in The Simpsons and related articles. I have interest in Star Trek related articles, though I don't really have the time right now to get into participating in any editing therein. If I am reading an article which is very poorly written, I may stop and try to restructure/regrammaticize it. Oh, and I also enjoy making up words (though I avoid doing this on wikipedia; don't worry).

Stuff that pisses me off[edit]

Things that piss me off include

  • Idiots
  • Idiots who edit articles with false information, and then continue to add it after being told the information is false
  • Idiots who vandalize articles
  • Idiots who don't realize they are idiots
  • Idiots who dun be using there's really poor grammars on wIKIPEDIA, and thems who dont care too learn!!! [Note: The preceeding is a mockery of idiots, and not idiocy in and of itself].

My Contributions[edit]

All lists are to the best of my recollection

Articles created[edit]

Super Dave (show) - Bob Einstein - iTunes Originals - iTunes Originals - Barenaked Ladies - Another Postcard - Peep Show tour - Barenaked Ladies Are Me - The Miracle Mile - Call and Answer - Ronn Lucas - Pinch Me - What's My Line? Guest Panelists - Ned Steinberger

Articles I keep my eye on[edit]

Anything remotely related to Barenaked Ladies - Beat the Clock - Bud Collyer - Finch (TTC) - List of neologisms on The Simpsons - List of products in The Simpsons - Super Dave Osborne - The Simpsons - What's My Line? - Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Conan O'Brien

Other stuff[edit]

  • Game Show screenshots - notably old celebrities from shows like What's My Line?
  • Other screenshots, occasionally
  • Random articles I come across that are in desperate need of fixing, and I happen to have free time.


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