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Your article Dao Yi Zhi Lue[edit]


Congratulations for your first article, Dao Yi Zhi Lue!

On the talk page, you asked for any suggestions. Well, maybe you could add the picture that is given on the Chinese page. I would have done that myself, but I have no clue what the caption should be, because I can't read Chinese. The caption at the chinese Wikipedia seems to be simply a repetition of the books title.

Another question: In the article Wang Dayuan, there is a red link Daoyi Zhilue Guangzheng Xia. Can you explain this? (Not necessarily to me only, but perhaps better by editing this article?) Is this red link another title for Dao Yi Zhi Lue? Then maybe one should create an article "Daoyi Zhilue Guangzheng Xia" as redirect to "Dao Yi Zhi Lue"?

Best regards and thank you --Cyfal (talk) 20:17, 10 June 2010 (UTC)