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Haihambo primary school[edit]

Haihambo primary school is a primary school situated near Okongo in Ohangwena Region with more than 260 Pupil. On 05 September 2012 pupil at Haihambo could not start the third school term because community members were camping at the school and prevented anyone from entering. Children who turned up for school were turned away because people erected tents outside the school. the bone contribution is the patronage of Rally for Democracy and Progress ( RDP ) leader Hidipo Hamutenya and donations that he made to the school.

The placard posted at the school entrance read in oshiwamo: "OVADALI INAVAHALA KAUME KOFIKOLA, OSHOYO OMUKULUNHUFIKOLA. OYALOLOKA NAYINEENGHONO VAKWETU MUTUPOPILE". The spokesperson of the group of the parents Eliaser Frans, says that they are not happy with the principal, Rosalia Ndamanomhata and her school management because they had chosen RDP party president as the patron of the school without the parent's approval. The Director of Education had demanded Namanomhata to sent official letter that confirming that Hamutenya had been chosen by parents but she refused to respond, this led to parents to close the school. according to Ndamanomhata the protest is politically motivated. apparently people demonstrating in front of the school were SWAPO members.

After illegal closure by protester Education Minister Abraham Iyambo made urgent trip to Haihambo PS to meet with School leaders and the Community. the minister described the action as unconsititutional and illegal and ordered immediate reopen of the school The Regional Director of Education in Ohangwena Region; Sanet Steenkamp; has been tasked to execute these directves. the closing of the Haihambo PS has condemed by RDP. In a letter signed by Education Permanent secretary Alfred Ilukena on September 26, in which it is suspected to be a political move Rosalia Ndamanomhata the principal of Haihambo PS has been "temporaliry transfared" at Eenhana circuit office as a Resource Teacher. Ndamanomhata plan to challenge the decision because she said the ministry failed to give a month notice which its is a legal requirement of transfares in the ministry,

Ilukena wrote "please report to inspector of education Eenhana, who will provide you with a duty sheet at your new duty station, Eenhana and it is trusted that you will be happy in your new working environment."


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