Wightlink Tigers

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Wightlink Tigers
City Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
League ENIHL
Founded 2007
Home arena Ryde Arena
Capacity: 1000
Ice size: 165ft x 80ft
Colours White, Orange, Black
Head coach Jason Coles
Captain Andrew Robinson
Website Official website

The Wightlink Tigers (formerly Vectis Tigers) are an amateur English ice hockey team from the Isle of Wight, they are currently in Division 2 of the southern conference of the ENIHL. Although no promotion or relegation system exists between the leagues (apart from between the two ENIHL divisions), the ENIHL is seen as the third tier of English ice hockey. The Isle of Wight also have a team in the EPIHL called the Wightlink Raiders although they play at the same arena the teams currently are not linked in any way.


At the end of the 2006/2007 hockey season the EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association) made a decision that the current junior ice hockey format in England needed updating. After much discussion it was agreed that juniors would now end at 'under 18s'. This left many Junior players across the country with a sudden loss of teams to play for. Players not good enough for the English Premier League (EPIHL) but who didn't just want to play Recreational (Rec) hockey were left with only one choice but to play in the ENIHL (Formally English Division 1). Roy Meadows along with the help and support of Campbell MacFarlane as well as many other committed helpers formed the basis of what became the Wightlink Tigers. It also gave the chance for many Isle of Wight Wildcats players to continue playing Ice Hockey on the Isle of Wight

After a failed attempt a few years previous of bringing an ED1 team to the Isle of Wight, it was great news in July 2007 it was announced the Wightlink Tigers had been accepted to play in the Southern group of the ENL.

The Tigers did not have the best of starts to their history, losing their first 15 games of their opening season. However, there have been moments where the Tigers have pound for pound matched some of the better teams in the league. On 17 February 2008, the Vectis Tigers recorded their first competitive win in the clubs history, beating namesakes the Telford ENL Tigers 5–2 in the last game of the season.


The first names for the 2008–2009 roster were announced 08/08/08 and include returnees Micheal Treadwell and 2007-2008s players player Aaron Taylor joined by former Solihull Barons player Elliott Foley. Micheal Palin and Joe Osborne return as Captain and Alternate respectively while Ex-Wightlink Raiders player Steve Gosset makes the move down to the ENL to concentrate on his studying. Former Gosport players David Webb, Kent Johnson and Alex Murray join the squad followed by Daniel Giden who along with Scott Carter bring a wealth of British EPL hockey experience to the team from the Wightlink Raiders. Jason Coles joins mid way through the season and the team is guided to 2nd spot in the league behind last years EPL team the Chelmsford Chieftains. Playoff hockey was at Ryde Arena and saw the Tigers take on The MK Thunder who finished 2nd to bottom in the South 1 league. The latter came out victorious and stayed up.


The Wightlink Raiders drop from EPL to ENL South 1 which sees an exodus of players make the step up. David Webb, Kevin Tanner, Kent Johnson, Steve Gossett, Kieran Annis and Alex Murray all left for the Raiders which left large holes in the Tigers Roster. Returnees included Jason Coles as Captain, Adam Rich, Niall Bound, Joe Osbourne, Ricky Attrill, Richard Nembhard, Rowen Salter, Tony Blaize, Aaron Knight, Martin Goddard, Thomas Eklund, Graham MacFarlane, Chris Randall, Richard Gutteridge and Jamie Lee. Returning was veteran Paul Sanderson after a season out. Juniors icing with the tigers this season included Aaron Edwards, Matthew Wilks, Jordan Rickets and James McEllan. The first game of the season was played against the Wightlink Raiders as a friendly with raiders coming out top on a 9–0 win. Niall Bound left soon after to step up to ENL 1 but were joined later in the season by Ricky Rutherford and Nathan Webb from the Haringey Greyhounds. James Eklund made the step up from newly formed Rec team the Solent Vikings.


Returnees include James Eklund, Ricky Attrill, Graham MacFarlane, Ricky Rutherford, Martin Goddard, Joe Osbourne, Richard Gutteridge, Nathan Webb, Jason Coles, Tony Blaize, Christopher Randall and Jamie Lee. New to the squad are Peter Scovell who after uni for 3years has returned to hockey for his first competitive season after Juniors. Dan Giden and Scott Carter return after a year out from the sport. Elliot Folley is back in the net after a stint with the Swindon Wildcats. Making his first season in competitive hockey is former junior Shaun harris. Also back is former captain Micheal Palin after finding it hard to commit last year due to work commitments. Not returning are both renowned tough guy Adam Rich and Rowen Salter who make the switch to the Solent Vikings due to work and family commitments. Aaron Taylor is out after braking a foot last year and has not returned.

Team roster[edit]

Coaching staff[edit]


  • #?? Republic of Ireland Scott Bickerstaff
  • #?? United Kingdom Dan Wellar-Evans
  • #?? United Kingdom Micheal Treadwell
  • #11 United Kingdom Elliott Powell


  • #10 United Kingdom Ricky Attrill
  • #12 United Kingdom James Eklund
  • #18 Canada Scott Carter Non EIHA Trained
  • #21 United Kingdom Joe Osborne
  • #24 United Kingdom Richard Gutteridge
  • #27 United Kingdom Shaun Harris
  • #36 United Kingdom Tony Blaize
  • #?? United Kingdom Graham Ruddick
  • #?? United Kingdom Luke Tull
  • #?? United Kingdom Stephen Indge


  • #05 United Kingdom Jordan Rickets
  • #15 United Kingdom Graham MacFarlane
  • #19 United Kingdom Martin Goddard
  • #26 United Kingdom Nathan Webb
  • #33 Canada Jason Coles Non-EIHA Trained – Player Coach
  • #68 United Kingdom Michael Palin
  • #73 United Kingdom Chris Randell
  • #81 United Kingdom Jamie Lee
  • #?? United Kingdom Aaron Edwards
  • #?? United Kingdom Andrew Robinson
  • #?? United Kingdom Chris Petts

Previous players[edit]

  • #61 France Seb Cerdan
  • #11 United Kingdom Kevin Tanner
  • #12 United Kingdom Niall Bound
  • #24 United Kingdom Stephen Gossett
  • #03 United Kingdom Rowen Salter
  • #08 United Kingdom Micheal Squibb
  • #91 United Kingdom Aaron Taylor
  • #71 United Kingdom Richie Huntley
  • #05 United Kingdom Steven Laing
  • #35 United Kingdom Adam Dobson
  • #06 United Kingdom Richard Nembhard
  • #?? United Kingdom Sarah Johnstone
  • #?? United Kingdom James Boast
  • #07 United Kingdom Thomas Eklund
  • #09 United Kingdom Adam Rich
  • #?? United Kingdom George Smith
  • #06 United Kingdom David Webb
  • #07 United Kingdom Kent Johnson
  • #73 United Kingdom Alex Murray
  • #13 United Kingdom Kieran Annis
  • #?? United Kingdom Paul Sanderson
  • #03 United Kingdom Ryan Attrill
  • #77 United Kingdom Mathew Wilks
  • #11 Sweden Daniel Giden
  • player #68 UK Michael Palin
  • #25 United Kingdom Roy Meadows – Former coach