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Spanish: [beˈɾonika]
Word/nameGreek, Latin
Meaningshe who brings victory, true image
Other names
Related namesBernice, Berenice

Veronica is a female given name, the Latin transliteration of the Greek name Berenice, Βερενίκη.[1] This was the Macedonian form of the Athenian Φερενίκη, Phereníkē, or Φερονίκη, Pheroníkē, from φέρειν, phérein, to bring, and νίκη, níkê, "victory", i.e. "she who brings victory".[2][3] The Ancient Macedonian form of the name was popularized because of its extensive use as a royal feminine name by the reigning dynasties of the states of the Diadochi of Alexander the Great throughout the Eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic age, most notably by the Ptolemies of Egypt and by the Seleucids of Asia. In medieval etymology, Veronica was sometimes wrongly supposed to derive from Latin vera (true) and Greek eikon (image).[4] Its popularity in medieval and modern times is based mainly on the importance in Christianity of Saint Veronica and her Veil of Veronica. Pet forms of Veronica include Ronnie and Roni and the German Frony. In Russian, the pet form is Nika (Ника). "Veronica" is a popular name in many countries in the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, as well as southern Ireland, France, and French-speaking Canada.

Given name Veronica[edit]

Given name Bereniké/Berenice[edit]

Ptolemaic and Seleucid queens and royal daughters in Cyrenaica and Egypt[edit]

Judean princesses[edit]

Modern times[edit]

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