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VideoKids were a 1980s Euro disco/Italo disco duo from The Netherlands, formed in 1984 and led by Peter Slaghuis and Bianca Bonelli, who also had a solo hit single called "Je veux l'amour". They were probably most famous for their "Woodpeckers from Space" song. They released two albums, The Invasion of the Spacepeckers in 1984 and Satellite in 1985.

"Woodpeckers from Space" was featured in a Pingu episode, "Pingu Helps with Incubating", although it has been replaced by an extended Pingu theme tune in its newer version.

In 1985, when the VideoKids refused to release their song "Woodpeckers from Space", due to the political situation in South Africa during that time, Costa Anadiotis decided to release his own unique version of the song under the banner of Café Society. "Woodpeckers from Space" was a no. 1 hit in South Africa in July 1985, and stayed in the Top 20 for 19 weeks, of which 8 were at the number 1 position.

The same year, the Videokids received the Dutch export award. All VideoKids songs were written by Adams and Fliesner and Tony Acardi.

"Woodpeckers from Space" was remixed by Norwegian dance group Spritneybears in 2002 and by Evelyn in 2012.




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