Villetta Rose potato

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Potato 'Villetta Rose'
SpeciesSolanum tuberosum
Hybrid parentage'Dark Red Norland' x 'Nordonna'
Cultivar'Villetta Rose'
BreederRhinelander Agricultural Research Station
OriginMadison, Wisconsin, USA in 1994

The Villetta Rose is a late maturing red potato variety. It was developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is under plant variety protection. It originated from a cross between Dark Red Norland and Nordonna varieties.[1] 'Villetta Rose' has a medium to long dormancy, stores well and maintains its red color in storage. It is grown for fresh sale and processing including canning.[2]

Botanical Features[edit]

  • The 'Villetta Rose' plant has medium vigorous vines with a semi-erect growth habit.
  • It has dark green leaves and red-purple flowers.
  • Tubers are a medium size and have a uniform spherical shape with shallow eyes.

Agricultural Features[edit]

  • 'Villetta Rose' is resistant to bruising.
  • It is moderately resistant to PVY, early blight, pink rot and soft rot.
  • It is susceptible to common scab and medium-small tubers may develop skin netting.


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