Rooster potato

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Potato 'Rooster'
Genus Solanum
Species Solanum tuberosum
Cultivar 'Rooster'
Breeder Harry Kehoe, Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre
Origin Carlow, Ireland

Rooster is a red-skinned, yellow-fleshed cultivar of potato, duller in colour than the 'Désirée', with floury yellow flesh.[1] It is uniformly roundish in shape with shallow eyes making it easy to peel. It is a general-purpose potato. It can be boiled, mashed, chipped, roasted, steamed and baked. It was originally bred at the Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre in Carlow, Ireland by Harry Kehoe.[2] In 2004, 'Rooster' potatoes accounted for 38% of the total potato production in the Republic of Ireland.[3]


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