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Directed byPang Ho-cheung
Produced byPang Ho-cheung
Subi Liang
Screenplay byPang Ho-cheung
Lam Chiu-wing
Luk Yee-sum
StarringChapman To
Ronald Cheng
Dada Chan
Fiona Sit
Music byAlan Wong
Janet Yung
Edited byWenders Li
Making Film Productions
Distributed byGolden Scene Co. Ltd
Release date
  • 9 August 2012 (2012-08-09) (Hong Kong)
Running time
92 mins.
CountryHong Kong
Box officeHK$30,069,986

Vulgaria (Chinese: 低俗喜劇) is a 2012 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Pang Ho-cheung.[1]

The film won Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Award.[2]


Struggling movie producer To Wai-cheung (Chapman To) is hardly able to make alimony payments to his ex-wife (Kristal Tin), and yet his daughter Jacqueline hopes to one day sees him being interviewed by TVB so she can show her schoolmates her father is a real movie producer. In order to fulfill his daughter's dream, through his best buddy Lui (Simon Lui) he meets Tyrannosaurus (Ronald Cheng), a Guangxi based triad head and a movie investor with a peculiar taste. Tyrannosaurus takes the duo out to a dinner full of weird dishes. He wants a remake of his favorite film, the 1976 Shaw Brothers sex scorcher Confession of a Concubine, to be renamed as Confessions of Two Concubines, but only if Siu Yam-yam reprises her original starring role. As Siu Yam-yam is unwilling to act naked at her present age, To has to hire Popping Candy (Dada Chen), with whom he has oral sex, as her body double. Worse still, To and Liu, who refuse to eat the dishes before them, are told by Tyrannosaurus that the deal can be sealed only if they have sex with a mule.


Critical reception[edit]

Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter said, "Fully living up to its title, Vulgaria is Hong Kong comedy at its breeziest and most communicative."[3]

Richard Kuipers of Variety said, "Freewheeling pic, helmed by the prolific Pang Ho-cheung scores more hits than misses and, deep down, has a warm heart that bobs up nicely in the closing stages."[4]


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